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This is also referred to as Trails of Tears since the Cherokees Native American were relocated and it resulted to death of many of them. This group was not the only one which was removed in an effort to remove Indians from United State. Cherokee trial of tears was as a result of enforcement of the Treaty of new Enchota which was an agreement signed under the provision of Indian removal act, which exchanged Native American land for the land west of Mississippi river. United State military played a big role in taking over supervision of Cherokee nation taking over supervision of most emigration. Tension between Cherokee Nation and Georgia was brought about by discovery of gold near Dahlorga.

The federal government of Georgia followed Jackson demand that Emigration should be voluntary from the old nation. The government agreed on this since they viewed it as cruel and unjust to compel the aborigines to abandon the graves of their forefathers to go and seek to start home in other distant land. But the government made it clear to them that, those who remain should be within the limits of state and one should be a subject to the law of the government of United States. They were assured that if they follow this, they will be protected by the law. The government did not change its mind since it promised to protect these nations if they remained true to it and if they agree to be governed by the laws of the United State government.

            Cherokee were not given an opportunity to make democratic decision by the federal government. They made decision through federal negotiators from all tribes of southeast. This treaty meant for removing all tribes of southeast were signed by Choctaws and the Greeks. The federal government also made special federal protection for William who was involved in signing of treaty.

The state of Georgia did not give the Cherokee people an opportunity to make decision on their own since the Cherokee Nations resisted, challenging in the court the Georgia Laws that restricted their freedom on tribal lands. The decisions were made by the state of Georgia and the Supreme Court.

The Cherokee nation had little choice of deciding whether they should leave or stay since the decision was determined by the government of United State decision to cling on would cause them a great deal like loss of traditions families and ways of life.

Since the decision to be made was democratic, each of the community members was given an opportunity to voice their concern and this opportunity was regularly exercised.

            The supporters of removal understood the relationship between Indians and the large American destiny in that the supporters believed that Indians inferior could not take part of commercialized economy. The Indians were force to give up their land to industrialist since it was seen that their land had gold ore which could be used for mining. The methods of production of the whites were more superior to those of Indians which could make a huge impact in the economy of the Untied State.

The Indians also believed that the Salvage Native American culture must give way to civilized culture and they did not want their culture to be eroded. Supporters continued to urge that missionaries could early continue with their effort to Christianize Native Americans away from vices exemplified by American populace.

            Civilization according to Indians meant abandoning their ways of life, culture, religion and adopting those of the United State. They adopted the whites government their agriculture ad religion. They became civilized in order to assimilate themselves into the whites world so as to maintain their land.

The whites were not for the idea of Cherokee being civilized since they knew that if the Cherokee nation became civilized they will adapt to their culture and practices and this can result to them occupying their land forever since the whites wanted the Indians just to occupy the land but not to own it (Takaki, 2004, pg 54).

            The effect of decision passed by the Supreme Court decision enabled Jackson to receive support from the Supreme Court so as to enable the federal government follow his demand as regards to the fate of the Cherokee nation. As a result of the decision made, the president proclamation is true and contained the true principles of the constitution. The Supreme Court had given the decision in the favor of Cherokee which recognized their rights but still it had to rest within the executive government, whether the rights of Cherokee were to be protected but it was quite sure that the executive would not agree on them. Therefore, the removal decision by the Supreme Court despite of it favoring the Cherokee it did not add any good to them since the executives of the government of United State could not honor their rights but instead they wanted to assimilate them in their way of living instead of allowing them to exercise their rights.

            The turning point in the process of Cherokee removal was brought by the sad end their men were occasionally seized in their fields while working or even along the road. Their women were taken while carrying out their normal duties of spinning wheels and the children were taken as they played. Their homes were put on frames they were fired by the Lawless rabble. In 1838 there was a long procession of exile which was set on motion. (Document #17).

            The war department was quite sure that the Indians would never be civilized according to the messages they received from the officers and agents in the field. Due to this, the department decided to confine the Indians under strict military protection. The Indians were burred from uplifting any contains with the whites since they wanted Indians to become extinct by their own virtual of barbarism (Green, 2002, pg 45).

The senior members of military wanted all the Indians affairs to be controlled and transferred to the war department where they believed that management of the policy regarding Indians will be well controlled.

            In all the efforts put forward for removal of Cherokee nation from United State, nothing seems to go right during the removal. Some Cherokee were forced to live in conditions of American up to 5 months from which they would start their journey. Many of them did as a result of removals which were attributed by the poor conditions in the prison.

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