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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The Renaissance can be considered as the golden age of the arts and of intellectual pursuits. Literally called as a rebirth, the Renaissance was a period in Western civilization serving as a gateway to the modern age. By going back to the classical texts that were made from the heydays of the Greek and Roman Empire, this period allow this buried knowledge to be unearthed and expanded. It was basically focused on enriching and utilizing the capabilities of the human mind not just manifested in the academic or artistic growth but as well as to social change. One concept of that has been developed in this period was Humanism.

This pertains to the aspect of human intellect as the developer of all things. Though there is the belief that God is the source of all creation, it is the human mind which cultivated and brought progression as well as maintaining world order. The active participation of using human intellect progressed into developing new ideals in the field of arts, politics, religion, and society. As Renaissance gradually spread throughout, the need for reformation intensified. As people were encouraged to think, to ask, and to examine everything to be able to use the capabilities of human mind, society started to demand change.

Subsequently this desire for change led to many drastic developments which shaped the early stages of the modern era. Renaissance can be described as the period of upheavals of innovations. What the renaissance achieved for the modern world was the liberation of the reason, the power of starting on a new career of progress (Symond, 2006, p. 118). With the limitless possibilities that were offered the moment people went back for the hidden knowledge of classical antiquity, human intellect did not from discovering new horizons which paved the way for innovations which progressed further into the modern era.

The Renaissance opened the doors for a huge intellectual exercise which eventually led to the most important progress of human history. The freedom to expand reasoning in all aspect of knowledge became a huge stepping stone for human and social development. Reference Symonds, J. A. (2006). Renaissance in Italy. London: BiblioBazaar. 1 page Apa 1 source In what ways is the Renaissance the portal to the modern age?

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