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Published: 2020-02-05 09:31:55
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In the novel The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks, I have observed that the character Denise Holton, is an over protective mother, who have never been in love before. I can say that Denise Holton is an over protective mother because he is always watching over everything that Kyle does. Denise is also a woman who has never really been in love before, because, she never really had anyone who loved her that much. I think that her being an over protective parent, ties in with her never have been in loved, because of her never have fallen in love she thinks that the only person who really loves her is her son Kyle, and that to make sure that she will always have someone who loves her, that she will try to protect him for as long as she can.

I have also observed that, it was a coincidence that Taylor McAden and Judy McAden, were both involved somehow in her life, with one who knew her mom and the other finding her son. I thought that this was important to me, because I thought that it was weird how both McAdens somehow knew Denise Holton. I think that this will be important throughout the rest of the novel, because I think that because of the connection that these people had at an early stage in the novel, it will progress into something more, as I keep on reading.

The other observation that I made was that Denise Holton, is Catholic. I think that this very important to me, because I think that since she is Catholic, and when she got pregnant, and made the decision to not abort the baby and follow her religious traditions, that it will show us that she is a very strong women, who will do anything for her child, because she loves him so much.

The theme that I think the book talks about is how love can save a person. I think that, that is the theme because, when Kyle was lost in the woods, during the thunderstorm, his mother Denise thought in her mind, Kyle could hear her, and she was willing him to listen to her voice; Come back, Kyle. Come back to were mommy was. You can hear me, cant you, this proves that since Denise has so much fate the Kyle was still alive out there somewhere in the thunderstorm, that her love was so strong that it actually resulted in Kyle being given back to her.

So far, I believe that this story can relate to the news, because on the news we hear about how people are saving other people, and have done things that we wouldnt actually bring ourselves to do. It is like the novel when Taylor has done things in his past that we wouldnt normally do, but at the same time, ends up helping others if they need assistance. This can be related to by life also, because I have an older sister, who is deaf, and growing up, it was hard for my mother to do things for us, and my mother would do anything that she could to provide for us, and keep us safe. My mom is basically just like Denise, who will do anything for her child, and loves him very much.

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