The role of congress in monitoring events in Iraq Essay

Published: 2020-01-23 09:01:50
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The war against Iraq was perpetrated by the US and the UK with the UN playing passive and reluctant role. The attack has provoked protests all over the globe including in the US and the UK with many groups as well as individual condemning the attack and terming it as unwarranted. Furthermore, the attack was carried out without the approval of the security council. The attack has earned the US more foes than friends especially in the Muslim world.

It has also served to fuel animosity against Americas efforts to institute a democratic government in those who view these efforts as interferences in the affairs of the country as a denial of Iraqs sovereignty . This has led to rebellion against the authorities in Iraq as well as increasing the threat of terrorist attack on America. The Bush presidency and administration seems to believe that the way towards peace is through war and violence especially returning fire with fire. This notion can be at best misguided and at worst catastrophic.

It is therefore imperative that the congress recognizes its duty as an organ and act to check any excuses on the part of the government as well as developing solutions that will lead to the reduction of rebellion and consequently the terrorist attacks within Iraq. This section will look at the possible role of congress in ensuring that the tension between Iraq and the US/UK subsides and also allow the US to shed the image of a big bully interfering with the affair of a sovereign state.

It is worth noting that at this juncture that the congress ahs made some good moves like giving 97 million dollars to support a program pushing for change of regime. This was a step in the right direction, however, this need to be sustained and increased. This organization offers some suggestions for your consideration, ladies and gentlemen. Pursue the Truth. The congress has a responsibility of seeking to reveal the truth so that decisions are based purely on sound intelligence.

One of the biggest mistakes that the congress and the media have made was allowing themselves to be fed on misinformation and to act upon that misinformation without making due effort to seek the confirmation of the relevant intelligence agencies. The 2003 invasion on Iraq was based upon unsubstantiated reports that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Other reports allegedly justifying the invasion include Saddam-Osama association and that the war was welcome by the Iraqi citizens. The general feeling is that the congress did not do enough to get to the truth of those reports by the Bush administration .

With the benefit of hindsight we know that all these reports were false. The congress has an obligation to launch a full congressional inquiry in order to give the American people the truth because America is founded on truth which we believe will set us free . It follows then that the congress needs to be at the forefront of finding facts before endorsing sensitive decisions regarding the events in post Saddam Iraq. Support the Iraq liberation act- when the bill was signed into law by President Bill Clinton, there were some well intentioned proposals that included developing a program that would support a transition to democracy.

Even though Saddam Hussein was to be the removed from power without the use of military force, all is not lost and the congress could pursue some of the proposals like financing activities that promote democracy in Iraq. By now it should be clear that the U. S cannot continue having soldiers in Iraq because it is not sustainable. The congress should support those measures aimed at recalling US soldiers out of Iraq and allowing the transition government to run the affairs of Iraq. Right now that sounds dangerous but in the end it will prove less costly than maintaining US soldiers in Iraq.

The congress had earlier passed an act to give 97 million dollars for the purpose of supporting regime change. The Act also suggested that those suffering from Saddams regimes brutalities be assisted. Emphasize on empowering the transition governments capacity to deal with internal insurgence. This can be done through the training of military personnel as well as giving financial support to this government for reconstruction. This is sustainable because only Iraq will be able to fully end the problems it is facing.

Much of the terrorist attacks within Iraq are just an extension of a rebellion against the Bush administration. This suggests that the perpetrators of the internal insurgence are still fighting the US by fighting against the US assisted governments. However the reduction of US occupation will shift the focus somehow. Play a more active role in holding the administration accountable. The congress has in the past been accused of being the puppets of President George Bush. A congressman has been named for his role in spreading hearsay that led to the congress endorsement of the invasion on Iraq.

However the congress is still strategically placed to provide leadership and help check the excesses of the current administration. There are some obviously bad mistakes that the Bush administration has made in the entire affair. However the voice of the congress has not been heard as it should have in efforts to lead the country in the right direction. Now that Saddam is gone and Iraq more than ever requires level headed support which the US can provide, the congress ought to speak on matters regarding the nature of support and the quantity to be given.

All in all the congress should be seen playing a more active role in providing checks and balances to the administration. Last but not least is a collective request for all the members of congress to act in accordance to pure conscience. There have been cases in the past especially before the invasion when the congress has been less than active in fulfilling its constitutional role. Instead of initiating a full congressional inquiry, many of the congressmen decided to shut up and not do anything to hold the administration accountable even when they new all was not well.

Decisions regarding Iraqs progress need to be made by exercising discretion and oversight as well. Holding open discussions is what allows for prudent decisions as well as bringing the truth to the surface. As leaders we have a solemn duty to ensure that all future decisions are never again to be based on false impressions. This organization that should the congress abide by the above suggestions, then it can begin to help shape the outcome of what has been an sensitive but costly issue to the whole of America. Thank you.

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