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A status quo in vocational students to learn English

Students weak economic foundation, poor foundation. Most of the cultural roots of vocational students, poor attitude towards learning English and some even 26 letters written well, are not allowed to read, even the five fundamental the vowels not know, arbitrarily called the students to ask him voice or syntax, you will find him very bad control. Spelling words to find a few grammar learning is controlled, it is the cream of the crop. Poor student approaches to learning, and generally feel that learning English is very strenuous, some thought that the English words in mind and forgot, some even have never had the joy of learning English, not to mention the experience of victory.

Long-term so that they gradually lose interest and confidence in learning English, no longer do the efforts of learning English. Some talk about the English mere mention, I did encounter a boy and told him to recite the English word, even panic was sweating, mouth twitching, stuttering a long time, unable to speak, usually on the way to see me, and the head is always low are afraid even to say hello and I, as well as flagrantly reason to object to learn English: We are Chinese people do not speak English. Incredible on the classroom, these students is how the performance of, or lying on the table, or play phone or speak or see other books, jobs often do not pay, some do not want to do as well as complete English homework.

Autonomous learning can be lacking, not enough learning perseverance. English learning to fight from time to time with the forgotten work needs perseverance and hard to pay, and strive to the process of theory and experience. Of vocational students in English learning process and long-term persevered few, the overwhelming majority of studies, lack of perseverance and patience. Even the teachers the moment aroused since their self-confidence, it is difficult to permanently maintain the interest of their learning, or just a temporary heat, a few days discourage you. Due to their lack of scientific approaches to learning and the right attitude, and good study habits and the lack of simply the effort of deep strokes fell great oaks or dripstone wear perseverance, perseverance, therefore, students learning English collapse ignorant. 3 students accumulate enough vocabulary.

The word is the foundation of learning English, and did not accumulate a certain amount of vocabulary, on nurturing English listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. Independent study to students learning English is poor, lack of perseverance, persistence, there is no systematic scientific approaches to learning, coupled with lack of awareness of the importance of learning English, and thus the accumulation of vocabulary rarely a year to participate in the National English Test, the vast Most students can only apply for the lowest level of a B research reported level of each class only a handful. Often do not understand in the classroom, can not write, can not read, and thus make their weariness mood is even more serious.

4 instructor for students learning English enthusiasm aroused enough. Faculty ignore the location of the student body, simply follow the traditional form of teaching, teaching approaches single the word mechanically commentary repeatedly to instil in students a tedious word grammatical knowledge speak less, do less, students put learning initiative long-term lack of effective sexual exercise, did not participate in the teaching, learning English gradually lose interest; faculty disregard the importance of verbal communication interaction, abundant invention language environment for students to learn English, completed just blindly teaching task time time to catch the number of classroom stiff, boring, boring, is one of the reason students weariness English; the faculty unable hierarchical teaching, not based on the different classes, different extent, different preferences classmate individualized, and therefore one thousand the articles Yigai different levels of students are not different teaching guide.

English movies farewell why

How caliber aroused the interest of students learning English, I used to consider this issue. Has gone through a variety of ways, through abundant mobilize the enthusiasm of students learning. Among them, the movie has sparked learning interest is one of the good way. English movies can assist students listening exercise, enhanced word, the understanding of words, sentences, increased vocabulary. Learn English, it is necessary from the heard hands. Since learning English listening and speaking English is no longer prohibitive lifeless knowledge, and a fun, fresh and agile theory. But learning heard does not equal Acquisition heard of Chinese-American English is good have the Acquisition heard a necessary condition: the English-speaking environment. But we do not have the conditions, could have invented the conditions, for example, to see American movies and situation comedies, understanding to create one kind of foreign English environment forced my ears to to withstand English, open their mouths to speak English, will be able to in a relaxed, happy atmosphere Xi was heard.

English heard including six local speech, language conditioning outs, words, sentences, ideas and culture. First, with respect to any one speech, the voice is bedrock, it includes not only the pronunciation of the word, and also includes real communication, vocabulary, idioms of tonal loss burst, weakening, cloud, the many accent contractions sound change way. The language conditioning outs, fluent authentic expression English Glazes, not authentic contact with the foreigner, and they have a face-to-face conversation, it is difficult to feel the language conditioning outs in expression of thought grand and powerful vibration force. Speech is the carrier of culture, the wording and sentence is correct or not directly demonstrated the level of understanding of foreign culture from top to bottom. Be able to say, before the arrival of the three arrived with the shape of Americans, if the Society of American thought and culture, to arrive quite similar to the effect of American culture and thought.

This is a flat-screen English form of education, the film is the best medium. English movies can subtly arouse interest of students learning English. Movie itself illustrated, intuitive, image, easy to bear, plus absorbing human story, like a magnet to absorb the students live. Farewell itself popular with people, especially in vocational students like watching movies. Excellent English movies, to intercept one interesting, fragments of educational materials as a teaching students in the absorption of the story, glad to studying fragments of dialogue presented word vocabulary, statements, grammar, learning English is no longer a cold s out, but under the context of the special story of emotional expression, with the meaning of life. English movies can help students progress in writing proficiency and translation can be made English literature ornamental to.

Movie disseminator of culture, whether it is the narrative of the story, the plot to carry out, as well as changes in the relationship between the characters have a lot of central Chinese thinking is not the same, after verbalize cultural differences, but not just with words dissect thorough, which needs our Western culture, especially some of the characteristics of American culture be understood, parsed and then point by point in the foundation of understanding, and from time to time to summarize, the intention to understand the values ‹‹of the East and the West is different, and the resulting ideological the difference of the way, a comprehensive understanding of Western history and culture, the words rise to the true sense of the exchange to make English the live together.

English movies to promote students perception of life. The excellent English movies can bring students spiritual vibrations, from which to experience life, the taste of life, to promote the growth of the students in mind, the progress of the overall quality. For example: I intercept to return to the 17-year-old four fragments, is good for students education theme. After the first fragment: the movie show Mike return to the age of 17 under mysterious cleaners soul-oriented, with high school classmate Ned posing as father and son, to return to the high school campus, found his daughter Maggie and her boyfriend Stan fared hot, his son, Alex, often harassed. The high school campus Stan world and his love the bully bully who will come to, Alex suffered. Mike Love of Stan attack others, counting on a strong performance to stop outright psychological profiling it not as good as ashamed. Confidence Mike Stan this wonderful psychological autopsy, love to flaunt the students at the school is very educational. Second fragment: class men and women classmate of sex filled adventures, gearing up, the school has been unable to prevent their sexual behavior in order to the girls peace, only to grant them peace sets, see rampant students caught Ping sets, which Mike was shocked, including his daughter.

His father as a daughter, as a someone who has tried to discourage them. He said if the girls are popular education, numerous peace sets thrown back into the basket. His daughter also was deeply impressed, and thus later her boyfriend with her when the onset of sexual activity, she can insist rejected each other and against them. The third fragment: Jimmy at home to open birthday party, Mike went to Jimmy home, hoping to prevent the appointment of Maggie and Stan. In the process of looking for Maggie, he was stopped by three girls are fighting to date him, without taking into account the self-esteem in order to reach the purpose of dating him, hinted that he, if he is willing to be able to not have to remember their names. Mike persuasion they should first develop self-esteem, competence be respected by others.

This fragment is very educational exchanges with the boys not to pay attention to the girls. The fourth fragment: this period is mainly about Mike and his son win the battle of the basketball team where the team of Stan Stan is very dejected to attack sexual relationship with Maggie, Maggie refused, he said the other discarded. She was curled up in lonely without a long ladder mired in misery discarded by her boyfriend. Mike and her daughter some dialogue about his daughter and is in this situation are the role of education.

Indeed, the English film is an effective teaching tool. It promotes feelings of teachers and students, and to improve the relationship between teachers and students, the enthusiasm of the students learning English greatly improved, altered the status of students weariness English. Students in the process of watching English movies, either exercise a hearing in order to accumulate a vocabulary control syntax progress writing can translate to the influence of the emotional, was the ideological education, further promoting the perception of life, taste of life.

Abstract: The English word is the foundation of learning English and how to arouse students English learning interest, excellent English movie is an effective teaching tool, how to raise the enthusiasm of students learning English is the focus of discussion in this article. . On, 2010, (4).

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