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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Darth Vader chose power over his love for Padme. He states that would rather rule the galaxy than raise a family with his wife. Due to his lust of power, he has lost morality to gain a higher status. Darth Vader disposes all of his potential threats, such as the younger Jedis, so that they would not block his path to gain power, not matter what the consequence. Both Darth Vader and Macbeth had a fatal flaw of power. Therefore intertextual links made via discourses still show the relevance between Elizabethan era and modern society. Archetypes are typical example of a certain person or thing.

The archetypal character, Lady Macbeth, can be intertextually linked to Julia Guillard who both have the archetype of a seductress. During the play, the audience can figure out that Lady Macbeth is a seductress. A seductress can be defined as a woman who seduces or manipulates a man to get what she wants. Lady Macbeth can be seen as a seductress by manipulating Macbeths thought telling Macbeth that he is not a man because he could not provide her with any children and if he was unable to go through with the plot to murder Duncan.

Macbeth was a man with a proud lineage and a reputation that has granted him the opportunity to be given titles and lands. Lady Macbeth had saw an advantage to this and convinced Macbeth that he could achieve more. Lady Macbeth wanted power and a higher status, but the only way was to force Macbeth into committing murders of higher statures. Lady Macbeth has a very prominent flaw that was her undoing. She was a partner of Macbeth in the killing of Duncan. Though she was not at the murder scene, she convinced her husband to kill Duncan as she could not commit such crimes herself.

Julia Gillard can also be considered as a seductress. She meets the criteria of manipulation in order to achieve what she desires. If Gillard (along with others) had not convinced Rudd to slay the ETS, the polls wouldnt have been as terrible. Rudd wouldnt have got the chop and he may have survived, with Gillard to have logically succeeded him in time. By then climate wouldnt have been a problem for the government. But if the issue dominates the next national vote (whether it be a referendum or a general election), Gillard may, like Lady Macbeth, have created her own undoing.

- (5) Julia Gillard manipulated Kevins into slaying the ETS, which has lead to Kevins downfall. It was not necessary for Julia to lead Kevin to his downfall as she would have become Prime Minister in time. However, her ambition of having a higher status in politics was strong, hence creating a flaw in her government, leading to her downfall. Both women have seduced their partners into becoming something greater, leading to their downfall. The audience can easily identify both women being the archetypal character of a seductress.

Despite the fact that it Shakespearean plays were written over 400 years ago, it is still relevant to modern society. It is evident that the genre of tragic hero can still be found in modern texts such as The Scarlet letter. In addition, discourses of betrayal and lust for power apparent to films such as Star Wars and The Social Network which can intertextually linked to Macbeth. The audiences are able to recognise the archetypal seductress in Julia Gillard and Lady Macbeth.

Through genre, discourses and archetype characters, the audience can still identify the intertexual links between the Elizabethan era and modern text.

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