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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Everyone has an important person in their life.A person who has shown them how to do things whether it be dancing,cooking,drawing or even just given them love. I have a person that has shown me so much and has done more then I can repay them for. That person is named Edit Mendoza and shes my beautiful mother.

I may be friends with people who dont always make the right choices and try to suck me into their plans; but thankfully I have my mom who is always there for me and gives me useful advice so I can make positive choices.My mother has always given my brothers and I freedom to o out with friends but, we have to be back at a reasonable time.A good thing about my mom is that she has so much trust in us that it makes my brothers and I unable to do anything illegal or stupid.It influences me positively because it would kill me to see my moms hurt face if I do something wrong.During my friends birthday party they all kept influencing me to drink alcohol.They kept saying they wont tell and my parents will never find out.The only thought that came to my mind was my moms disappointed face and my freedom all gone.Needless to say thanks to her advice about peer pressure I was able to say no to my friends.

Like the rest of her family my mom is not tall or skinny.In fact shes a bit of the opposite being short and curvy.That doesnt stop her from being confident and proud.My mom might not be like a model;tall and skinny but, she sure does knows how to be confident and make someone feel special about themselves.Something that I went though constantly was being bullied for being thicker than the other girls.It was so bad that I usually hid out in the bathroom during lunch or free time. Those hurtful words eventually caused me to go into depression.My mom was there for me instantly.She gave me positive thoughts and influenced me to do something about it and to prove all the kids wrong.During the summer of my 7th grade year I went on a diet and lost 25 pounds. It might not seem like a lot to others but to me it was a huge deal.I went back to school with a new found confidence that my mom helped me achieve.

I dont want to be biased or anything but my mom literally can be the most forgiving and caring person ever. My mom likes to take care of people and give them advice to help them change their lives.A huge bonus is that shes patient too.My mom being a forgiving person might not always be a good thing.We are currently building a vacation house in Guanajuato, Mexico.My parents hired an architect to take on the job.Everything was going great until he started to steal money my mom sent for the cost of materials. He ran after my parents found out what he had been doing.Even though he stole and left with the money my mom forgave him.Her words were what he did was wrong, but whats done is done.Let god help him and influence his life.

At first glance my mom gives off the impression of being strict and a bit scary.When my friends met my mom for the first time they got intimidated by her sharp features.Once she started to get to know them they found out she is actually a nice and caring person.Its sometimes hard to tell my moms facial expressions apart.She is a head strong person and wont easily show emotions.When my grandma passed away everyone in my family cried, besides my mom.I was mad at her for not even shedding a tear and just sitting there holding my dads hand.That same night I woke up because someone was crying in the living room.Turns out it was my mom.At that point I found out my mom was just being strong for us and my dad.She didnt want us to see her cry and feel more sad then we were.That made me want to be like her more. My mom is the strongest person I now.

My mom might not be the ideal mom to others but she is to me.Shes the one that has influenced my life the most. I love her to death and would be so lost without her advice and her love.

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