The Taliban Threat: Seen From the Eyes of Pakistani Media Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Over the years, the Taliban threat in Pakistan has grown furiously. The local and international media has had constant coverage and updates about the issue. Two such local newspapers that are available online are The Dawn and The Nation. The article Talibans Media Reforms from The Dawn mentions about the abuses and murders of media personnel that covered the Pakistani-Taliban conflict.

Both sides seemed to have their fair share of abuse towards the local media. According to the article, the militants saw their cause as flawless, upon which any negative reporting that flawed their cause would be equal to a brutal retaliation. They have also submitted warnings on pamphlets to the varying media houses and posted these in Swat Taliban. With these occurrences, the Taliban announced their desire to reform the media.

The Taliban spokesman believed that it is the duty of the media to promote a positive impact towards society, giving the issue some space and time that would not result in further negativity. With the conflict still ongoing, the media personnel up north seek the protection and aid of the government upon giving coverage of the issue to the public (Dawn Editorial). The article War against Taliban to go on (2009) from The Nation discusses the late public statement of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari about the Taliban threat on the northern borders.

The President commended on the Pakistan armys efforts to subdue these militants and announced that the Pakistan soldiers will get a raise equal to their months salary for fighting against the militants and sacrificing their lives for the nations greater good. He saw these violent Taliban as opposed to the genuine Taliban, who are seekers of knowledge and peace, because they are constantly creating widespread panic across the nation, preventing people from living their lives (Nawaz).

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