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The fact the policeman has no demeaning comments for Mr and Mrs Lyons proves this Hes a good lad. The policeman is noticeably lower in class than Mr Lyons, so Will Russell again shows the difference in class from upper class, to working class and finally to lower class. Dancing is a theme used in Blood brothers regularly by Mrs Johnstone. Every time that dancing is mentioned something bad takes place. Dancing is a symbol of happiness but this happiness only lasts for a short period of time. After the happy period there is a bad occurrence.

At the beginning of the play Mrs Johnstone is singing about how she used to go dancing and her husband compared her to Marilyn Monroe. He told me I was sexier than Marilyn. And we went dancing shortly after this was mentioned Mrs Johnstone mentioned that he ran off with a girl who was compared to Marilyn Monroe Me husband, hed walked out on me, a month or two ago, for a girl they say who looks a bit like Marilyn Monroe. This confirms that once dancing is mentioned something bad will happen or something will go missing.

There is dancing and Mickey loses his mind. When dancing is mentioned it is also linked with Marilyn Monroe, It seems like jails sent him off the rails, Just like Marilyn Monroe, His minds gone dancing, Cant stop dancing As Marilyn Monroe and dancing were both mentioned Mickey lost his mind. He started to take anti-depressants, this is shown when Linda is talking to Mickey I get depressed but I dont take those this shows that once dancing and Marilyn Monroe was something bad was going to happen and the bad occurrence was Mickey taking anti-depressants.

This is also a bit like fate as this was inevitably going to happen or it was Mickeys destiny to lose his mind. The audience would never be very comfortable because there would be a build up of tension and the tension would drop but in the end the tension mounts up so high the audience would almost fell as if they are in the play. During the play of Blood brothers Russell is aiming to show the division of class. He is trying to show that no matter what class you are in there are things involved in that class that make you jealous of people in other classes.

Class has a lot of impact on who a person is but the character of that person also has an effect. Edward is in a higher class than Mickey yet Edward would like to be in Mickeys class and Mickey would like to be in Edwards class. So Edward has learnt that money does not buy everything but Mickeys life has not been very good to him so he still believes that money can buy happiness. It is quite ironic that Mrs Lyons believes that money solves everything and that it can by love but Mrs Johnstone has hardly any money yet she is able to have children and she loves them very much.

Mrs Lyons may have a lot of money but she has to buy children and buy them happiness. This plan is not very good because buying happiness for Edward turned into paranoia and Mrs Lyons neglected Edward by not allowing him play with other children and not giving him a very happy childhood instead she sent him to a private school so he had to be more concerned with his studies instead of having fun. Dramatic irony affects the audience because they know what will happen when the characters dont. The audience knows that the twins are both going to die but the characters do not know that they will ultimately die.

This would make the audience feel rather uncomfortable because they know that both Eddie and Mickey will die. The final scenes also have a dramatic affect and these affect the audience in different ways. This starts when Sammy and Mickey rob a filling station. This builds up pressure on the audience as someone is killed and suspense is also created when the brothers rush home to escape there punishment. They end up going to prison and this affects Mickey dreadfully MICKEY, placed in a prison cell, stands quietly crying.

Once Mickey has come out of prison he starts to take anti-depressants and this is where the audience is introduced to Edward and Lindas affair. This creates a massive amount of suspense and anticipation this would also shock the audience and cause them to worry about the characters. The concluding scene when Mickey threatens Edward with a gun is extremely tense. Mickey has just found out that his wife was having an affair with his enemy and old friend. This sent Mickey into a rage and he eventually shot Edward. The gun explodes and blows Edward apart.

The police then shot Mickey They open fire and four guns explode, blowing Mickey away. The narrator utters a few words and this would cause a great amount of tension as he asks them questions about how we the English live and how the way we act influences others. A question that has not been answered in the play is whose fault was it that Edward and Mickey died? To begin with it might have been Mrs Johnstones fault that they died as she gave Edward away and she also told them that they were both brothers. It may have been her fault but she still had the best intentions for them.

It may have also been Mrs Lyons fault as she told Mickey that Edward and Linda were having an affair and she also persuaded Mrs Johnstone to give her one of the children. It may have been Lindas mistake about having the affair which ended Mickeys and Edwards life, it could have also been Edwards fault for letting the affair begin. It might have been Sammys violence which killed them because he was the person who wanted Mickey as his accomplice and when Mickey went to prison he became addicted to anti-depressants. It may have been Mr Lyons as he fired Mickey and this is what started Mickeys jealousy for Edward.

Personally I think that it was Mickeys own fault because although he tried hard to come off the anti-depressants he should never have done the job in the first place and should have been happy that Eddie could help him get a job The narrator final words And do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it be what we, the English, have come to know as class? This shows that the English stereotype believe that if you are superstitious you are in the lower class. Most sceptics believe this and Russell shows this in Blood brothers to show how some peoples actions affect the lives of others.

The narrator is there to ask the audience how they feel about people higher or lower in class than themselves. The play allows the audience to think about whether they will treat others with compassion and not judge people on what class they are in. the narrator also creates an atmosphere and keeps people in suspense throughout the play. Russells overall message is to treat others in a good way and that class does affect life and it does affect people. He clearly shows that everyone needs protection and the difference in class has a difference in protection.

For instance Mickey has a gun to protect himself, whereas Edward has money to protect himself. Russell wants to also show that there is always something more desirable in another class and that money cannot by happiness. In Blood brothers Russell depicts his own life so may be biased towards the lower class and against the upper class. Mickey had far less opportunities than Edward, this led Mickey into a life of crime, which leads him to a depressed life and added to his jealousy of Edward. Edward attends a private school, university and has many opportunities so he obtains a good career.

The lower class cant afford to go to university and do not have many opportunities. The fact the twins have the same blood but are very different and have had very different experiences shows that class can mould people and change them for better or worse. If Edward was left with his mother and if he lived in poverty would he have turned out like Mickey or would he have been differently. Perhaps another point Russell is trying to make is that who you are is who you will always be and wealth or poverty would not change you or that wealth can change a person and they might become shallow and obsessed with money.

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