The True Meaning Behind Googles Logo Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Many of us have seen the google logo and its colors, but how many of us can recall the colors of the logo in its exact order? The theory behind this notion is that we as individuals do not remember things depending on the sequence in which we see them. Remembering a commodity, weather its short term or long term, is often more durable when it holds a significant value or relevant purpose towards you. In other words, we tend to remember things that can be useful to our survival and wellbeing rather than the unnecessary ones.

With that said it makes sense that most of us would not quite remember certain objects that are seen on an everyday biases, such as Googles color arrangement or the way Abrahams face is facing to right side. Things that hold no significant or materialistic value to us are rapidly forgotten. Although this is truly a fascinating theory, it is only a theory and therefore it should be treated as mere speculation. Research has demonstrated that even memories which have not been rehearsed or remembered are remarkably stable in long-term memory.

Now, lets address the true meaning for why we are going into detail of this theory, regarding memory. Google is by far one of the most commonly known names and logos in the search engine industry, and being the professionals they are, we have to expect some sort of mind stratagem being used on their logo to achieve some sort of end result, weather that would be making the software more suitable and memorable or just simply making the colors look staggering. We cant help but wonder what lies behind googles color trademark. After all we do see this take place in other multi-billion dollar corporations such as Facebook. Although there are many assumptions made as to why google picked this odd color motif of blue, red, yellow, blue green, red.

The truth is particularly plain and simple. Google hired an artist/designer to sketch-out the blue print for googles logo. The artist name was Ruth Kedar, and in an interview conducted by Sonia Zjawinski on January 16, 2008 Ruth reveals the true meaning for her color choice in the logo. There were a lot of different color iterations, Kedar says in an interview with Sonia Zjawinski. We ended up with the primary colors, but instead of having the pattern go in order, we put a secondary color on the L, which brought back the idea that Google doesnt follow the rules.

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