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Published: 2020-02-09 01:52:46
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Considering that young adults in the developmental stage is considered by Kolberg to be in transition from level I to II, and that it is in this stage skills in consensus and social communication is in a rapid stage of development. Conceptual of relative social orders either accepting or rejecting conventions is becoming apparent. True there is level III which is abstraction and definition of universal principles such justice and ability to identify possible social changes, this may or may not occur.

There may be a rejection but without an appropriate abstract conceptualization appropriate to the level and conflicts are not thoroughly processed. In effect we can see a cross road in a young adults social path or gaining of experiences. One path leads to the social integration along the moral stages as described by Kolberg and a path of rejection and hence alienation from the social mainstream. Deciding to do something as drastic as suicide is not only due to alienation which is the first risk situation but could be reinforce by experiencing someone close committing suicide or what could be a manifestation of Banduras modeling.

We take note that if two situations combined could result to greater alienation, e. g. losing someone means minus one in the primary grouping to which an individual belong, which could result to greater alienation. There is also observation such as history of mental illness which could be taken as indicator of a possible high risk but nonetheless, strong primary group support could make the recovery less painful, lesser stigma.

The nature of primary groups of adolescent also shows some strain, family values or social perspectives also changes and peers as it suggest were also adolescents with their characteristic grappling for their own sense of inner and social order into which they could model their life. The youth is a transition stage, of differentiation to individual inclinations and most important they could be open to ideas which may be far out or improper at their level of psychological and emotional maturity.

The Internet explodes information and opened up access even to the young but without supervision or social processing involving the previous generation. Thus the youth are exposed to for example, pornography, violence and other beliefs and concepts which may not be appropriate to capacity of the youth to process in their own. We take note that ratiocinative amplifiers of aids to thinking included ideas, beliefs, concepts or ways which are open for experimentation by the youth.

In such an open knowledge societies, the model or reference groups are necessarily fluid. It could be argued that attaining stage 4 of level II in Kolbergs moral stages model may strengthen the individual enough as stage 3 of living according to certain ideals or consensus requires certain level of intellectual and emotional maturity hence a higher level of abstract conceptualization and possibly greater appreciation and usage of the amplifiers to become a more productive individual.

But regression is possible especially in extreme social cases and exacerbated by the lack of support system. What is clear at this time is there are social factors which prevents formation of risk situations and there are factors which encourages self annihilation.

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