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Published: 2019-10-14 20:21:42
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After reading The Letter From Sullivan Ballou i noticed that it was quite similar to An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge. Both had something to do with the love the men felt for their wives and the reality of knowing that they might be dead soon. This story and letter have the same meaning but put into two different ideas. Farquhar knew was going to be hung for wrong doing and Ballou Knew he had a chance of surviving or dying in war, They both thought about their wives while knowing this. In An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Farquhar was about to be hung to his death by soldiers. Although he knew he was in a trap he still bravely tried to think for a way out of it to sabotage the soldiers blockade. Farquhar also showed the love of his family.

He kept thinking of his wife and how he really wanted to go back home to her, he thought all of this while he was dying. At the end of the story thinking he was still alive he got to see his wife, but he was fantasizing it. It was like his life flashed before his eyes. In The Letter to Sarah Ballou, Sullivan also shows the love he has for his wife. Before he went to war he wrote a letter to her because he knew that he could die in battle and he wanted to let her know how much he love her, but he let her know that if he did die his spirit would come visit her and that he would meet her again. The letter doesnt only show how much he loved his wife but it shoes how much he loved his county. Even though he saw his death coming he was still willing to fight for it.

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