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Published: 2020-02-07 19:33:02
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On his morning jog, a citizen discovered a dead girl lying in the bushes along a back road. He then immediately called the police. The girl was naked from the waist down and appeared to have a cord around her neck. While assuming the role of a responding investigator, I would apply the three basic elements of an investigation. The first element is searching the crime scene. The search of the crime scene is to look for any clues and for evidence that may like to the crime.

These object or material may be anything that may serve as tool by witch I can use to give a good idea of what may happen during the crime. The next element is to Collecting and preserving evidence found at the scene. Evidence that links to any crime must be carefully collected, since evidence plays the one of the most important part of crime solving, I have to be carefully not to destroy it in the process of collecting them.

First I would record the discovery in my field not, in addition to my note I would take photographs and accurate measurement that may show original position and nature of the evidences. I would also mark each piece of evidence using numbers to identify each piece of evidence. Then I would decide what needs to be taken from the crime scene and select the proper means by which to transport these items without or take away from its original states.

The last of the three elements is to Locate and interviewing available witnesses at or near the crime scene. Witness of a crime can be anyone who may see, hear, or come on contact with the victim or the one that may commit the crime, whether its during, before, or immediately after the crime. This person and or persons should be able to give a brief description of what may take place before, during, or after the crime. I will locate such a person and try to find out what they know about the crime.

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