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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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1. What are the major activities and tasks that take up most of your time (family, school, work, etc. )? Explain how much time you spend on each of these major activities. The three major activites that I go through on a day to day basis are work, family, and school. My work takes up a big majority of my day, I work from 0500-0600 after that I take time to talk to my wife from 0630-0800 then I into work and dont get off until 6pm. After work I usually take about two to three hours to work on school. 2. Define Circadian Rhythm in your own words. When is your high-energy time?

What activities are you completing during this high-energy time? Is any study time during your high energy time? Circadian Rhythm is basicly a cycle that your mind or body is adjusted to within a certain time period. My high energry time would be right as Im coming into work and Im usually making sure everything is done from the previous day and getting up to speed on the current day. I would like to think that I have two high energy times because when I get off of work my energy level is boosted for some reason.

3. Your textbook emphasizes the importance of using To Do Lists. Go to this website: www. mindtools.com. Find the section that deals with To Do Lists. Why are To-Do Lists important for success in school and in a career? How do they keep one organized? A To-Do list is a very important tool to use for example; you take all the tasks you must do in a day and you set priorities on them starting from your top priorities on the top of your To-Do list.

This enables you not to forget about a certain task and it make your workload not seem so heavy. 4. Select one other tip in the mindtools. com site that would be helpful to you. Name and summarize this tip. Be sure to explain how this tip might apply to you personally.

Activity Logs are another good tool to use to manage your time. They enable you to see how much time you waste everyday due to little breaks or conversation with coulages. This helps me to see how much time I actually have everyday to use to my advantage to get stuff done and not waste time. 5. What do we mean by top-priority tasks? What criteria do you use to determine top priority tasks? Identify a top-priority task in your current work/school week. Explain why it is a top priority. A top priority task is a certain project or job that could possibly be big or take a lot of time that has a deadline.

For example at my job this week I need to reimage my whole companies computers. This command came down from higher up which means it needs to be done ASAP. 6. The six business practices in the management process are planning, organization, staffing, delegating, directing and motivating, and evaluating. How would poor time management negatively affect business? Assume you own the company. Poor time management could cause a company to lose lots of money, if jobs are not done in a descent time frame you might lose a customer or be paying your employees to slack off instead of doing work.

7. You have heard the saying, Time is money. Do you agree? Elaborate on this statement. If you owned a company, would this saying be important? How would you watch the bottom line when dealing with your time and your employees time? I totally agree that Time is money, everything in a business is about time frames and deadlines. Making deadline early or on time makes your company look professional in which case your company can grow from this. Missing deadlines can cause you lots of money and shows bad business.

I would just anazlye project and projected deadlines to make sure they are being finished in a timely manner. 8. A key factor in time management is having well organized goals with an Action Plan. Create an Action Plan for your educational goals and be sure to include short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. Before you do this part of the assignment, make sure you have reviewed the Unit 2 Online Lecture (dealing with Action Plans). My Long term goals are to have a Bachelors Degree in Network Security and graduating with a 3. 5 GPA.

My mid-term goal would be to get as many certification while in school as possible and to work hard making good grades. My short term goals would be to continue on my path of completing assignments on time, and making my To-Do lists. 9. What causes you to waste time? Explain what you can do to reduce the amount of time in each these areas. A lot of my time wasted is due to me just being tired and lazy. My job has a heavy work load everyday and when Im off I just like to relax. I am going to push myself to get through the weak spots and push my lazyness to the side. 10. Take a stand.

Write a contract with yourself about how to get organized, to meet deadlines, to conquer procrastination and to balance college and family. Be specific and detailed and explain how youll achieve each of the goals from your contract. I Jordan Galindo am going to maintan my discipline and not procrastinaation on my school work. I will start school work everyday from 6pm-9pm. I will continue to do this throughout my whole time in school. When I finish I will reward myself with a big shopping spree. If I dont complte this I will take away my movies to take a disctration away from myself. Signed: Jordan Galindo 20110906.

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