To Spank or Not to Spank, Where Do You Draw the Line? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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How do you discipline your children? Do you think its okay to discipline them by spanking them?

Parents use discipline to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. What is right and what is wrong? Ninety percent of parent thinks that the only way to deal with misbehaving children is to give them a smack. The American Academy of Pediatricians say that spanking might actually do more harm than good, meaning that the spanking will not correct the problems that the child has, but only make them worse. And I agree with that.

Some believe spanking is a form of abuse, while others think it is a form of discipline. I believe it is a form of abuse. I see no good reasons to why one should hit a child. I think its wrong to beat your child just because it misbehaved. Do you really think it solves the problem of violence? I think not. I know it will not solve the problem. I also know that your child will not feel better or be a better person just because of getting hit. Children will ultimately exhibit antisocial behavior.

I think that to bring up and raise a child you need education. To drive a car you need a license, to be a doctor you need a license. In all professions you need experience. So why dont you need any education in such a big life long commitment like putting a human being on the planet? I think that many times it is due to stress in a family. Stress brings out the worst in many people. Parents struggle, with work, household things and when they meet in the evening for a few hours the child and parent are tired and these are the times when families argue. You say things you dont mean and do things that you will regret, but your child will forgive you but you have to live with it forever.

It is a very difficult task to know what is correct and what is wrong for your child. When a child is very young the parent might use spanking or other ways of abuse. But it is never ok to spank, slap, pinch or use any physical approach. You should not even raise your voice to a child. What signal does this give the child? Children are copycats. When the child goes to day care or school they do the same thing because that is what they are taught at home and have seen the parents do (who children always look up to) so if the parents do it then it must be correct.

Would a leader in an office spank his employees for not doing as they are told? Patience turns away, listen to the child, give love and affection. My mother said she used a simple method when we were small.

Give 1 no and 4 yes distraction from the problem. Make the problem into a fun game instead.

Children should never be spanked. The anger from the parent should never ever be taken out on the child. Children can many times be very annoying and be very bad behaved but this does not give grown ups the wright to use abuse to the child. If a child is brought up in a home with abuse then the child when older will use the same method. Show respect and you will be respected back.

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