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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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1. If you could have any job in the world what would it be? Use details to support your response. If I could have any job in the world, I would love to be a guide for tourists. There are many reasons that I would choose this job. * First of all, I would often travel! I like very much to go in places that I have never been there before. * Moreover, I would speak 5 or 6 languages fluently! This would significantly expand my horizons. For these two reasons and even more I would want to choose this job.

2.At what age should a person be allowed to drive? Use reasons to support your response In my opinion, a person should be allowed to drive at the age of 25. There are two reasons that I believe that. * Firstly, it should be based on the skill of the person. A person at the age of 25 has the physical ability to co-ordinate his brain with his body. * Furthermore, an individual at the age of 25 has reached an age of maturity to drive affectively However, everybody is different at any age¦ For example, there are some people that I dont think should ever drive!

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3. What is the best excuse to give your teacher when you have not done the homework? Use reasons to support your response. If I havent done my homework I think of some excuses! Some examples follow bellow. * Firstly, the phrase: Oh, no! I forgot it! is a common excuse as we have a lot of things to do every day. * Secondly, the phrase: Did we have homework?!¦ I didnt note it down! is a human excuse because sometimes people are absent-minded. These are two common examples of excuses, but there are many more.

4.What is your favorite day of the year? Use reasons to support your response. My favorite day of the year is the day in which I met the love of my life for the first time. Thats the day of our anniversary! We celebrate every year by giving gifts to each other.

5. What change would you like your government to make? Use reasons to support your response. I would like the government to protect the environment by taking measures. * Firstly, this can be achieved by promoting the renewable energy. Hence, we would save a considerable amount of energy. * Secondly, the government should teach the people the importance of recycling. If we learn how to recycle at home we will cut down on the amount of rubbish we throw away daily. To sum up, these are the measures I would like the government promote in order to protect the environment and have a greener future

TOEFL Speaking Part 2

1. I prefer to take multiple choice exams. There are two reasons for this. I prefer to take multiple choice exams. There are two reasons for this * Firstly, I believe that it is easier to find the correct answer, because you have three or four options and the correct answer is one of them. * Secondly, you dont need to spend much time in order to justify your response. For these two reasons, I find the multiple choice exams more manageable!

2. Would you prefer to take a trip by plane or by train? I love the route by train! There are many reasons for that.

* First of all, I could sit and relax. Otherwise, I could meeting other people and have fun! * In addition, I would have a chance to take a look at the spectacular scenery which I couldnt do if I travelled by plane. For the above reasons and many more, I find the trip by train more interesting!

3. Would you like to live in a big city or a small town?
I would like to live in a small town. There are many reasons for that. * One of them is that I could get about without using a car and going whenever I want. I love walking, so, a small town is ideal for me. In this way, I would avoid the traffic! * Furthermore, in a small town I would have an easy life, with more friendly people and a closer circle of friends. To sum up, the above reasons are the most important ones, but there are many more!

4. Do you think it is better to study alone or study with friends? In my opinion, its better to study alone for many reasons. * Firstly, when you study alone you can concentrate better on your work because there isnt anyone to disturb you. * Moreover, you can have a break whenever you want, without having to follow the others program. Therefore, you can function independently. For these two reasons, I believe that its more effective to study alone than to study with other!

5. Do you prefer to play sports or watch sports?
I prefer to play sports for many reasons.
* First of all, you can keep fit and healthy. Otherwise, the life we lead is sedentary. * Additionally, you can have fun by acquainting other people. Team sports, especially, enhance cooperation and develop new friendships. So, playing sports, instead of watching them, is fulfilling and intriguing

TOEFL Speaking Part 3

1. If your teacher makes a mistake, is it better to correct the teacher or ignore the mistake? Use reasons to support your response. In my opinion, we should correct the teacher. There are many reasons for that. * First of all, all the students will listen to the correct answer. Otherwise, the other students will believe that it is the right one because it was said by our teacher. * Another reason is that, it will be an opportunity to start a discussion among students and teacher in order to broaden their horizons. * In addition, the teacher will appreciate that I paid attention on what she said. For all the above reasons and many more, I believe that we have to correct the teacher and not to ignore a mistake, which could even be accidental.

2. Is it better to take chances in life or play it safe?
I believe that it is better to take risks in life. There are two reasons for this. * Firstly, if someone takes chances in life he leads an interesting life. * Secondly, when you take risks you never know what future has store for you. It could be something positive, for example, a good job or a romantic relationship! So, I think we should get every chance that arises!

3. Is it better to have a career that pays a lot of money but keeps you away from your family or a career that does not pays so much but allows you time with your family? Use reasons to support your response. I consider it is better to have a career that doesnt pay so much but allows me time with my family. There are many reasons for that. * One of them is that, when you are far away from your family, you suffer, because you miss the care and warmth of your family. * Another reason is that I wouldnt need the money I gained because I would be lonely without my family. I would have no-one to spend it on.

4. Do you make decisions quickly or take your time making them? Use details and examples to support your response. Irrespective of the discussion, I believe that we should consider them carefully before taking them. * The first reason is that by devoting time to reflect on a decision, you make a safer choice. For example, I gave it serious thought before leaving my job for another one. * The second reason is that if you dont take the necessary time to think things over, you run the risk of choosing the wrong option, which will probably affect your life but also, people around you, for instance your family or colleagues.

5. Do you think children should always obey their parents, or are there times when it is not necessary for children to obey? In my opinion, the children should always obey their parents. There are many reasons for that. One of them is that, the obedience shown by a little child is very important. If they follow their parents rules they will be very successful when they grow up. Only with discipline and self-control do you succeed in life professionally and personally. In this way, I believe that the parents are responsible for teaching their children to obey to them, by using rules and advice

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