Top Man and Into Thin Air Compare/Contrast Paper Essay

Published: 2020-02-24 13:02:27
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Also, the mountain, in either story, is portrayed as the antagonist. Top Man: pg 97, antagonist. Into Thin Air¦

Both Top Man and Into Thin Air really describe how the mountain has given the climbers so many difficulties and portray how the mountain was actually a living thing. Top Man and Into Thin Air both contain a few elements of foreshadowing. Top Man: pg 98 The narrator states that if one of the axes that belonged to the men where to be left at the summit, he had hoped it would be Naces. Into Thin Air: the narrator states that the sky, where it had been perfectly clear an hour earlier, was now covered in a blanket of clouds. Both stories display many foreshadowing elements, so much so that one would probably have predicted the end of the story by the first few pages.


Although Top Man and Into Thin Air both describe many of the same elements, they are different in many ways. The two stories are very different because climbers are trying to conquer two completely different mountains, one that has been conquered and the other which still hasnt. Top Man: The group in this story was the first to make it as far as they had gotten. The group in this story was climbing Kalpurtha, a mountain in the Himalayas, and they where the first to make it as far as the had gotten. This meant that they had to set up all of their base camps and be extremely determined to get to the summit. Into Thin Air: The summit of Mount Everest had been reached many times before the narrator of this story conquered it. So, in this case, many of the base camps had already been set up and they where also several technical maneuverings which made it easier to ascend and descend. explain..

Oxygen tanks really shouldve been used on both of the adventures, but they where only used on the climb to Mount Everest. Top Man: pg 104 each of the men carried a small tank of oxygen, but they rarely ever used it. Into Thin Air: all of the climbers where extremely dependent upon their oxygen tanks. This also shows that the climb to Mount Everest was a very tough one but almost more for those who where taking this journey just for an adventure. many different people where on both adventures. there was of course some diversity but people also climbed the either mountain for a multitude of reasons. Although, it seemed like most climbers in Into Thin Air took the adventure to just climb the mountain. I mean, some where to have a feeling of accomplishment and some where because they hadnt gotten to reach it the time before, but most was just to climb it. Whereas in Top Man, most people had a reason to climb the mountain. They where climbing it in honor of someone, or to really have that feeling of accomplishment or for their jobs. Would this be a reliable difference?

Also, I dont know whether to say, The narrator stated that the blow fell in Top Man (Top Man, page 104). And in Into Thin Air, Jon KraKauer proclaims throughout the story of the storm they are going to be facing.

do you call him the narrator? Or do you just say the story describes..

And how simple should the Give a overview part be?

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