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Published: 2020-02-04 06:02:09
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Training in public administration is the most important aspect any government, organization or agency must embrace and use so that its officers can be trained on new ideas / knowledge which they will apply in their jobs. This is the role played by the Public Service Commission in conjunction with the Directorate of Personnel Management. Public administrators are the most important officers in any government. They are the government representatives from the national level to the community level. They preside over, manage and implement activities / projects on behalf of the government. They need to be thoroughly trained on public administration so that they can be able to understand and know what entails in their jobs.

 Many governments spend a lot of resources to train its officers with hopes that they will be able to deliver services in a more improved way in the ever changing world of advanced technology. Public administration is a key sector in any government as is the backbone of the government structure. This can only be strengthened only if there is political will between the politicians because public administration cannot be separated from politics and politicians. Their contribution towards it will result to positive or negative impact.

Objectives of Public Administration Training

The training will be guided by the following objective

Public Administration Concept

Public administration has several definitions as follows;

In general Public Administration is defined as decision making, planning work to be done, formulating objectives and goals, establishing and reviewing organizations, directing and supervising employees, exercising controls and other functions performed by government executives and supervisors. It is the action part of the government, the means by which the purposes and goals of government are realized. Public administration thus is basically the administrative side of the government as opposed to the legislative and judicial sides.

Characteristics of Public Administration

Understanding the arms of the government

One approach is to identify public administration as it relates with the three arms of the government i.e. the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. In this conception, administration is executive that is, carrying out the laws passed by the legislature. There is a clear distinction between legislative and administrative powers. The legislature possesses the former, but when it passes laws what the executive branch does with what law becomes administration. Although the legislative and executive branches are not completely separate entities, still it is the latter that has the administrative power, so it follows that public administration is what the executive does.

The judiciary stands apart from administration, deciding which cases between private parties but also restraining the public administrators from unconstitutional, illegal, and arbitrary acts. The judiciary is a powerful force in shaping public administration. When the courts pass upon the constitutionality of legislative enactments and administrative acts, they are determining what kinds of public service can be rendered and under what conditions. The administrators must fully understand the full function of the three arms of the government because they are part of it and will from time to time consult all of the when making administrative decisions.

Functions/ Roles of a public administrator

Qualities of a good administrator

Contemporary issues in pubic administration for administrators

Public administrators need to acquint themselves with various aspects, which will contribute to the success of their programmes and make their administrative work much easier. These aspects should not be assumed because they contribute to the national development of a country. These include the following;


The answer to poor training is not more, but better training. The emphasis should be on quality, not quantity. The expansion of training is often recommended, and not only by those with a vested interest in the training business. The argument that training has not produced observable results because it is insufficient avoids the need for a critical examination, which could be unpleasant for some. More training often results in lowering of standards. It probably means having to recruit and train more trainers, larger classes, a greater strain on management, and, most important of all, releasing more public servants to attend courses. The governments must take a leading role in training its administrators for the efficient management of the public and government affairs.


Kindly answer the following questions in relation to the training you have just attended. Give your answers to the best of your knowledge as your suggestions will give us the way forward on what needs to be improved, added or done away with.














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