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Transportation plays a vital role in the department of transport.  Transportation includes road, railways, aviation, shipping etc.  The mission of transportation is to safely cover the distance between the two destinations. The board known as the Transportation Research Board carries out these transportation objectives.

This type of board mission is to create an innovation and to develop the growth of the transportation. The mission objective is to improve the steps that are earlier carried out by the transportation department. Modification should be the strategy among the board management. The change should be followed by the application or execution of the recent progress made by other countries in the means of transportation. The boards work is to share the rules or implications to the management authority. The management authority should split the information to the persons appointed to do the work. The practitioners should practice it and the researchers should implement it with proper management skills.

Different countries have separate rules and regulation according to which different countries work out there system and police according to their plans. But the main theme of the transportation should safe, comfortable and no pestering occurs during transportation. For example it should be seen that the aviation transportation department should have the proper following rules for a free access of the transportation. Not only the air traffic should be well organized but also the customers services are also be managed by the management board.

The ticketing system should have extra precaution arrangement as soon as the customers are purchasing a ticket. Flight fares with proper reservation of the seats should well clarify before purchasing it. Services to the customers on board should be well handed to the professionals who are related to the hospitality Industry. Airport authority management should be well organized in the planes arrival and departure. Organization teams should be well trained before they are put into practice. The board of aviation should chalk out there plans of the whole systems before operating it. (Trb, 2006)

The private organization has taken the transport system quiet acutely and they had implemented the transport system in a well-organized manner. They normally solve the problem as quickly as possible without getting delayed. The more spontaneous they work out the problem it will be helpful to the board to go ahead with other situation that are creating or having a problem.

The American and the European transport system facilities had developed so quickly that the other countries are planning to have that type of transportation system that they do not possess. Even the metro railway transportation system is better than that of India. They provide faster and advanced transportation system to the citizens that they dont face crisis situation. Compare and contrast comes when there are disadvantages seen in the transportation system in the countries of America and European countries. (Prisma-eu, 2007)

As road transportation is concerned, the board should have an organized planning. Roads and highways should be well connected to each and every cities, towns and villages. Road tracks should not be having traffic problems and for that professionals should direct the traffic signal operation. To control the system in the streets and roads the board should appoint police those can gratis the traffic if any problem occurs. They should be skilled well and they should be taught with different problems of the roads rules and regulation safety norms so that they do not face any difficulty when they are in the operation. They should be provided with proper dress and the functions of the job should be distributed according to the work knowledge is concerned.

Railway is another feature of transportation .The country progress depends on this very system others are also equally valuable but the railway transportation is one of the main criteria. For long distance travel, passengers are provided with better seating as well as the sleeping arrangements along with the service of food and beverages. Normally the travelers those who travel in trains can provide ample time for transportation and the fare here are also low in comparison to the airlines, road and shipping. Transportation in train takes a lot of time to cover the distance that the travelers want to travel, in comparison to other faster transportation.

The board of railways should provide more facilities to its customers in terms of their previous arrangement of services that they have given earlier. Air transportation is receiving more customers than the railways because they are providing quicker destination service with an affordable rate. To cope with that type of facilities railways board of management taking actions of not increasing the price of the ticket and also in the service provided. The board always has to see that they do not loose its customers due to increase in the various area of transportation system. (Prisma-eu, 2006)


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