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Tourism is a very important source of revenues for Bradford. Many efforts are currently being taken in order to improve its quality and attract many tourists. The tourism industry is of major importance to the economy of Bradford District, worth £298 million in 1999 (update: £408.8 million in 2000). This is up from £270 million in 1998 and £255 million in 1997. (an average growth rate of over 7%). (Approved Tourism Strategy. Retrieved on April 16th from source: Unfortunately, tourist industry has not reached the highest level of development in Bradford yet. There are still many problems which the icy needs to solve in order to make the tourist flow into the city larger.

As recent data shows, in Bradford the vast majority (78%) of this expenditure is day visitor expenditure. Compared to Yorkshire, where only 59% of £3.33 billion is day visitor expenditure, it is clear that the District has a lower market share of the higher value, staying visitor and an over dependency on the high volume, low expenditure day visitor sector. (Approved Tourism Strategy. Retrieved on April 16th from source: That is why many actions are taken in order to make Bradford very attractive for tourists.

The most recent developments provided in the city which, according to the Bradford City Council are going to make the city more appealing for tourists, include the following four developments:

All of the mentioned developments are beneficial for the development of the tourist industry but they also bring some problems with their introduction. In order to make a conclusion about the efficiency of the suggested developments, it is necessary to analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

All of the developments have a very large social effect on the life of the city. Social issues are particularly important to address for the development of the city as a tourist centre. As long as the social sphere in the city is developed at a high level, tourists will also consider the city a good destination. Particularly this aspect is important to be addressed in Bradford. The problem is in the vision of the city by tourists which has been formed in the recent years.

According to the local council report, the district is hampered in its ability to attract more visitors by a number of issues: negative media coverage which in the past has identified the city with riots, drugs and prostitution; the shabby appearance of the main routes into the city and parts of centre itself; some lack of civic pride of its citizens which results in a downgraded environment. The developments which are going on in the city right now make its image much more positive in the eyes of the tourists. For example, the building of new apartments and development of transport infrastructure increase the quality of life of people in the city. Therefore, they will as well have a positive influence on the perception of the city by tourists.

There are also going to be some economic benefits of the mentioned developments. The most important economic effect is going to occur from the development of Broadway. Transportation system plays a major role in the development of the tourist industry. Currently, Bradford cannot boast of a good transportation system which makes it lose some points in being a well-recognized tourist centre. Due to low numbers of tourists, the city is not able to obtain additional funds for its development. There have been many complaints about the quality of roads in Bradford in the recent years.

With their improvement, more money is going to flow into the city because more tourists will be willing to attend the city. For tourists, convenience is a very important priority. At present, many tourists have noticed that due to the low quality of roads, they are not able to get to many places around Bradford. The city authorities need to be aware of the fact that many tourists give up the idea of going to the city only because of its poor system of transportation. There have also been many complaints regarding the quality of parking system and possibilities for handicap people. In order to attract those types of tourists, it is necessary to develop the infrastructure very much.

The economic effect is going to occur from other developments provided in the city as well. For example, Sundry Apartments being developed in the centre of the city is going to enhance the quality of life and possibly attract more investments into the construction industry. It is also necessary to mention the multiplier effect of the investments into the development of the city.

With a consideration of focus on the tourist industry, in the long run, the investments are going to bring profits for the city with a large multiplier. First of all, the increase of tourists due to positive improvements in the city is going to result in the increase of the money inflow into the city. Tourists will be spending money on various activities, such as restaurants, theatres, all kinds of recreational activities, hotel facilities. All of this money will be accumulated in the budget of the city.

Besides, it is necessary to mark that the development of the travel industry is going to attract new investments into the city. While the city was not popular, the investments did not flow much because investors did not have incentives for that. They need to forecast large profits in order to make investments. Of course, if there will be developments going on in the city, investors will get interested in buying some assets as well or providing construction. It is common practice when investors are attracted to the city due to the large number of tourists visiting it. In Bradford, this can be the case. The money invested by the local authorities in the development of the city will be multiplied dramatically in the following years.

There are also going to be environmental issues connected with the development of the mentioned projects. Particularly they are related to development of transportation system and construction. In order to minimize the negative impact of those developments on the environment, it is necessary for the city council to compose very detailed plans for the sustainable developments of the city. All of the steps of the developments need to be planned considering their possible negative influence on the environment.

The developments which are currently being carried out in Bradford have both some positive and some negative human impacts. Among positive impacts it is necessary to mention the increase of the quality of life of residents in the city. Negative human impact is connected with the developments is the decrease of the environment quality and, as the result, the health of people. This can also result in a negative physical effect because oftentimes the environment has influence on the physical condition of residents.

There are also going to be some marketing impacts of the developments. First of all, they will encourage tourists to travel to the city. It will be possible to post advertisements in many sources in order to attract attention. The market of the tourists will be greatly enlarged.

Second, it is necessary for the local authorities to segment the residents in relation to the impact of the developments on them. Currently, the following segmentation has been suggested:

The first group of residents mostly composes of elderly people. That is why they are not very concerned about the recent developments going on in the city. They are not the major target group for the developments. The second group is very concerned about the developments in the city because they have little children and want them to have a prosperous and convenient life. The third group of residents is also aware of all of the changes. They support the development of Bradford as a tourist city and welcome all of the changes which are happening. The most important developments for the mentioned groups are going to be transportation improvements.

It is also necessary to touch the issue of inadequate planning of the developments in Bradford. The lack of planning can be very damageable for the travel industry. It is important to make a detailed plan of all of the activities to be provided and steps according to which they will be implemented. It is particularly necessary to mark in the plan how the interests of environment will be addressed in the developments.

The decisions of re-development of the old Odeon cinema and police station site are very useful for the development of travel industry in Bradford. They are located on historical sites, that is why it is much more appropriate to organize modern entertainment facilities in those places. For example, it could be appropriate to construct a popular entertainment center with bowling, billiards, hotel, large supermarket, swimming pool and other facilities there.

Since tourists will be attracted to those spots, they will be able to spend a significant time there and they will be even more attracted to Bradford. It is very important to make sure there are any various leisure activities for tourists around all of the major places of interests. Since the aim of the city authorities is to collect money from the tourist industry, it is necessary to organize as many entertainment centres as possible. Tourists are fond of historical sites but they also need to take a break and get some sort of entertainment.

Various activities regarding the development of tourist industry have been organized by other industrial cities, for example Derby and Stockport. Tourism is very attractive industry for industrial cities due to many factors. First of all, tourism is one of the ways to attract foreign or domestic investments into the city. As long as there are many tourists visiting the city, foreign investors will know about the citys popularity and invest money into it. It is obvious that in the city which has many tourists, large profits can be made.

Both of those cities also emphasize on the development of transportation system and quality of life of citizens. Those factors are the key factors in the development of the travel industry.

For example, in Stockport, local authorities offer help in developing of travel plans to organizations for them to improve their travel activities. The development of such a plan has the following benefits:

The City Council of Stockport also does its best to make sure all of the recent developments do not have a negative impact on the environment of the city. In order to achieve that, they have introduced cycling schemes; walking schemes; rights of way initiatives; the Stockport Council Sustainable Travel Plan; implementing business and higher education travel plan (Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. Travel Plans. Retrieved on April 16th from source: /?a5441). The Council has done a very important job of addressing environmental issues in its Sustainable Travel Plan.

Derby has addressed mostly the same issues in its development plan. The city currently boasts of many tourists visiting it but it still continues developments of its infrastructure in order to attract more tourists. The strategies which the city applies in the improvement of its travel infrastructure include:

The development of a favourable tourist environment is very important for such an industrial city as Bradford. Owing to the increase in the number of tourists, the city is going to obtain additional funds into its budget and improve the quality of life of its residents.


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