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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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It was another late and stressful night for Mrs Jones in the scummy local motel she was staying in. It had been a few days now, since her and Mr jones had been forced out of their farm, and all she wanted to do was go back. But whenever she expressed her opinion or tried something on her own, Mr Jones always seemed to over power her, always seemed to dull her sparkle. She felt like she barely had a voice around him, she never had the strength to speak up or even stand up for herself, always hiding behind her husbands shadow.

Even though she loved him, sometimes she felt more like a slave than a wife to Mr Jones, totally worthless. Mrs jones was a quiet lady, whom was never really fulfilled with her life. She craved contentment, longed for affection and ached for attention. Some people called her bitter and miserable, others even worse. She found herself relentlessly waiting and hoping for something exciting and new to happen, but as each day passed, she was consistently let down.

The next morning Mrs Jones decided to finally attempt to be somewhat independent, even after all the chaos that had previously occurred she headed back to the farm, she left very early in the morning, whist it was still dark, hoping Mr Jones wouldnt notice her strange departure with all the stress he was under. It was a gloomy and rainy day, she was cold and tired, the warmth from the heater wrapped around her like a cozy blanket, as her eyes began to become restless. Her mind slowly flew off to the life she wished she could call a reality, and in them few seconds of innocent daydreaming, she lost control of the car.

Spiraling out of authority, she frantically woke from her idea of perfection to find herself face to face with her idea of hell, it wasnt long after before she was witnessing complete and utter darkness in its purest form, unconscious and alone. A couple hours had passed, Mrs Jones eyes were rolling to the back of her head, her vision soon vaguely started to repair itself, but all was blurry and she felt extremely dizzy. She gazed around in uncertainty, until her eyes caught sight of a figure or shadow of some sort, but she was unable to process exactly what it was. OINK, OINK, OINK!

Mrs Jones heard, she tasted something unpleasant in her mouth then began to spit out some grass, she rose her head slightly until her chin was against the ground and her face was looking forward, A pig? she slowly whispered to her self in amazement, why was a pig in the middle of no where? She noticed she was on Turner street which was at least still another half an hour drive to Manor farm, or to any other farm in the area for that matter, it was a surprise to her, but weirdly enough a pleasant one, at least she had some company.

Mrs Jones looked over to her horribly damaged car and wondered how she only woke up with a few cuts and bruises. She honestly didnt know whether to cry or laugh, so she just did both. What are you looking at hey?! , Mrs Jones childishly said to the mysterious pig, but the pig didnt give a reply, instead he just stared back and tilted his head to the side, then Mrs Jones clicked. Wait a minute, I know you! , What are you doing out of Manor Farm Snowball? Of course all she expected back was a few oinks here and there, but she was blown away when she heard the words, Oh Mrs Jones, I was kicked out of Manor Farm by Napoleon. Mrs Jones eyes popped out of her head as she almost began to fall unconscious again from the shock, hhh-ooo-www aaa-rree you speaking! she shuttered, wait, your saying you understand what I am saying? It cant be, you must be a animal whisperer! Snowball replied, Mrs Jones laughed and almost didnt believe what she was hearing but just accepted it.

Mrs Jones wasnt too keen on going home and she enjoyed talking to Snowball, in fact they talked from dusk to dawn, until he asked to show Mrs Jones something. The pair traveled for about 20 minutes before reaching Snowballs desired destination, Mrs Jones found her self walking out of a forest to eventually arrive behind a small mountain. Over that hill you see, is a complete view of Manor farm, we thought things would get better once you and Mr Jones left.. no offence, but actually every became just as bad, maybe even worse now! Snowball chuckled but didnt seem sincere at all, in fact Mrs Jones could see the hurt beneath Snowballs tough cover. Mrs Jones didnt have anything to say, but her face started to turn sour as the two began climbing up the small hill.

She was shocked to what she was witnessing, the farm was a mess, the animals were being treated like slaves and she couldnt help but notice something rather big being built, before she could even think about what it could be snowball butted in, Thats a windmill by the way, it was my idea, just thought you should know, Snowball uttered angrily. That was also the reason I was chased away from the farm, and now Napoleon as stolen my idea! Although shed never dare to admit it, at that moment in time, Mrs Jones felt her heart sink, in a way the farm was all that her and her husband had worked for, and it had been taken over and ruined. Come on! Snowball said, Lets go see something a bit more happier hey? Yes please.. Mrs Jones murmured. After another long walk, Mrs Jones and Snowball arrived at, what seemed to be, another farm, Wonder Farm to be exact.

I found this farm a couple days after I was kicked out of Manor farm, they also dont have any owners, so they took me in as there own said Snowball. Mrs Jones had never seen this farm before, it was tucked away deep behind a mucky forest, but Snowball knew all the shortcuts. The farm, seemed to be placed right where the sun hit, it smelt of daisys and fresh hay. Dogs, horses and all sorts of animals were running around and seemed to be playing some sort of game. SNOWBALL, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL DAY! said a dog running towards them from the distance. hahaha oh Sum, Summer meet Mrs J, Mrs J meet Summer, thats you nick name now by the way Mrs Jones laughed Snowball, Mrs Jones giggled and went along with it. Summer was a golden retriever, she was well groomed and very bubbly. Come play Snowball, you too Mrs J! said Summer with excitement. hmmm I dont know about that mumbled Mrs Jones, Commme onnnnnn! said Snowball, yeah come on! added Summer. Okay If you two insist! Mrs Jones giggled. Mrs Jones spent the afternoon playing a game called Wonder wave with a bunch of animals she had just met.

For the first time in a very long time, she felt free, she felt alive. She couldnt wipe the smile of her face as she ran around with joy for hours, then watched the sun down with a very special new friend, Snowball. She wouldnt dare to tell anyone what she did that day or how she could speak to animals, she would forever cherish the experience. Today was a blessing in disguise Snowball said Mrs Jones as she stroked his back and smiled with complete contentment, And you Mrs J, were a treasure in disguise replied Snowball as the sun peacefully vanished behind the mountains.

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