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Published: 2019-12-27 04:41:41
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Nowadays trial marriage has become a new trend of young Vietnamese peoples life. Especially, the students who live far from their houses are more interested in the state.

There are many reasons explaining to their choice of this way. Several social experts have brought out three direct reasons. Firstly, their finance does not allow them to organize a wedding ceremony, buy a house or establish a family (cover their daily needs)¦ Secondly, the couples want to live in their own ways, it seems to express their love each other. Thirdly, they meet their xxx demand. In addition, there is not family tie of their relationship in trial marriage ; therefore, the couples could break up easily whenever they think that it is not suitable any more. And the last, they just want to get some experiences to their family life in future.

Is trial marriage a normal trend in modern life? Should we accept it such a new way of life in our society? There is not any exact answer.

There are many different views on this situation in the student community.

Some people support it. It is generally supposed that if a boy and a girl love each other deeply inside, they are willing to live together and share every bowl of rice and every bit of clothes in hard times. Alternatively, living together helps them save a lot of money to cover their accommodation expenses and know more about each other to decide if they should get marriage or not.

However, this real state is given many criticisms by other students and social specialists. It has been considered as the unsuitability for Vietnamese culture. In 1970s, the loose and freedom life style were extremely popular in US. But later they have had the tendency to live in traditional family.

What would be like in Viet Nam? Time must be clearly answers.

Questions: 1. What is trial marriage ? Have you ever seen a trial marriage couple? 2. How long has their love been lasting? Are they happy? Do they love each other truly? 3. Do you agree with trial marriage or not? Share us your opinion! 4. If your love offers you and him (her) to have a trial-marriage, how will you deal with this situation?

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