Truth and Beauty Essay

Published: 2020-02-04 08:43:01
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Truth and beauty can seem to be two different things; I believe beauty is stereotypically a physical feature and truth coming from within the individual. After this unit, I have learned that truth is beautiful but beauty is not always truthful. I find truth is a more of a beneficial characteristic to possess; beauty will eventually fade, leaving only the truth behind. Outer beauty has never been my first priority, I like learning about peoples stories and histories, the fact that they are willing to share their stories and be truthful with me is what makes them beautiful.

Through these stories they are opening up to me, telling me their past; whether it be good or bad, they are being truthful and that is where the true beauty of a person is revealed. One of my closest friends has been doing various modeling jobs for the past 3 years, and since she started in the field I have noticed her personality slowly changing. She is now more concerned if her heels match her outfit, rather than 5 years ago where she would proudly walk with mismatched shoes if she could.

She is conforming to the fashion society, breaking down to become who they want her to be. As a friend, should I support her in finding herself or should I explain that she is beautiful without the handbags, heels and highlights? I would like to say that I would tell her the truth, but I am afraid that is not the case. I am truly afraid of losing a close friend; does that make me a believer in superficial beauty or does that mean I honour my friends and their personal decisions not allowing it to affect me?

If I dont make my opinions heard, the industry may consume her whole, leaving her a shell; all empty inside, drained of her once vibrant personality. I am afraid if I am truthful, she may think I am not a supportive friend and I am not ready to lose a close friend over this. If finding ones beauty if beauty allows them to find him or herself and to be truthful to the others around them and within themselves, then I support it. If beauty ceases to bring the truth out in oneself and in others, which is where I believe truth should become the only priority.

I have more respect for someone who is truthful to my friends, family and me; rather than someone who is externally beautiful. Truth is more challenging to find within a person, it requires using more than the 5 senses, whereas beauty only requires one of the senses; sight. I believe the statement truth or beauty should be changed to conscientiousness or brutality? Conscientiousness refers to our ability to tell the truth. We have a choice; we can either tell the truth or lie, this strongly determines a persons nature and who they can become.

Brutality is what is seen but not addressed, referring to beauty; beauty can only be fully experienced through sight, simple words cannot explain beauty, it is unique to each individual person. Does not telling someone the truth make you a bad person? Or does it show that you are conscientious of their feelings and dont want them hurt? I believe everyone faces these problems on a daily basis, and the chance of truth ever overruling beauty is very unlikely, but no one is willing to face that fact.

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