Truth and Honesty Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Honesty is defined as the quality or fact of being honest, uprightness and fairness also as truthfulness in speech and action. This term is very important as it is the simple basis of how we carry out routine activities. While this sounds simple, its surprisingly difficult to practice. Being honest implies the presence of an active conscience and a knowledge of ethics at the minimum. Being honest in everyday life means listening to, and obeying, the voice of our conscience.

For example, last Monday, I rode past a traffic light that had just switched from green to amber. I should have slowed down and stopped instead I speeded away. Now this may not sound like a big fuss to some of us but the fact remains that it could have been fatal though nothing happened on that day. The consequences could have been very deadly if a pedestrian had darted across the road or an impatient motorist could have speeded away just like me leading to hospitalization or death. This is a simple act of honesty which we tend to forget in our everyday life.

Everybody interacts with one another and when honesty is neglected, problems tend to arise, controversies spark like a match. Honesty is the important factor that supports every source of information. Without honesty nobody can understand the simple truth. Each time we hear a person talking, it is assumed that honest words are coming out. Principally, I believe honesty is important because it provides accurate information, reflects good character, and builds lasting, trusting relationships.

For instance, the Police Department should be very honest as the population depends entirely on them for security reasons and also for the welfare of the family. Patients go to doctors, undergo operation since they trust these people. Therefore honesty is the root that needs to be strong in every domain. If history were full of lies and false information then we would only be expected to misinterpret details all because someone decided not to be honest. In reality the simple act of telling the truth is so influential because it affects all others around us somewhere down the line.

Honesty reflects good character because when people know that someone is honest they feel that they can fully trust that person. It is always comforting and reassuring when you can count on that person no matter the circumstances. One important quality that is absolutely necessary if we are to be honest is courage. This is not about physical courage but courage that comes from conviction, an essential mental quality. For, as Khalil Gibran writes, If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully.

That is, if you must speak honestly about your friends, speak honestly about their good points. Use words to uplift, not to tear down. Also, be sure to avoid rumors, for they are acts of betrayal. For many people honesty is the most important quality in a relationship. Being honest, even in difficult times, gives everyone the true information from which decisions can then be taken. It treats all involved parties with respect. Clearly there may well be times when some information should be modified, as with young children perhaps.

But in most cases people appreciate being told the truth, even when it is painful. It helps cherish the good memories. Trust is a huge part of the honesty stable. It is often difficult to recover trust once someone discovers that they have been deceived or lied. It can take a long time to build trust in a relationship, and it can be wiped out in a moment. Living an honest life and being true to ourselves help to maintain a clear conscience and a healthy life, free from a lot of stress and tension. That is the value and importance of being honest.

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