Truth Is Absolute Not Relative Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Background of the Topic: Many people nowadays seek for THE TRUTH. I searched up the internet and Google gave me 611 million answers in just a quart of a second. As top answer Google gave me this definition from, An absolute truth, sometimes called a universal truth, is an unalterable and permanent fact. The concept of absolute truths what they are and whether they exist has been debated among many different groups of people. Philosophers have waded in the muck of defining absolute truth for millennia.

For example, Plato believed that absolute truth existed, but that truth on earth was merely a shadow of great forms of absolute truth existing in the universe which is now commonly called universals. Alternatively, many believe in relative truths, where facts may vary depending on the circumstances. Simply put, WHATS TRUE TO ME MAY NOT BE TRUE TO YOU. It is however difficult to disprove the concept of absolute truth, since saying that there are no absolute truths that it is absolutely true that no absolute truth exists is itself an absolute truth. Relationship of the Topic-

Main: It will help us to know and recognize the fundamental basis of truth. To me: I firmly believe on absolute truth unlike others. I believe in the absolute truth of the Bible and God as its ultimate source. To the society: Living in a society sharing the same ground that there is an existence of absolute truth would eradicate most of todays debates on non-significant yet intriguing problems. Also, there is the need of a certain and mutual fundamental basis of the absoluteness of truth and from whence it come forth. Problem: Many of us were blinded about what is truth and a lot of us have different queries regarding what is the real meaning of truth whether it is absolute or relative. Definition of the topic:

There are a few things that we all agree are absolutely true, but they depend upon an agreement in definition. ABSOULTE TRUTH:
¢ Truth is discovered not invented
¢ Truth is transcultural: it can be conveyed across different cultures.
¢ Truth is unchanging: it can be conveyed across time.
¢ Beliefs cannot change a truth statement no matter how sincere one may be ¢ Truth is unaffected by the attitude of the one professing it ¢ All Truths
are absolute
¢ Truth is knowable
In order for truth to be absolute and holding these qualities, it must be grounded in a source that is personal, unchanging, and sovereign over all creation.

Relative Truth:

Truth is created not discovered. Truth is a matter of perspective and each culture or individual defines for themselves what truth is. ¢ Since truth is invented, there is no universal transcultural truth. Each culture or individual will define truth differently according to their background and perspective.

¢ Truth changes since it is inseparably connected to individuals and cultures which continually change truth perpetually to changes. ¢ Since truth is a matter of a group or individuals perspective, ones beliefs can change a truth statement. ¢ Since an individual determines truth, truth is affected by the attitude of the one professing it. ¢ There can be no such thing as absolute truth.

¢ Absolute truth is not knowable. Absolute and objective truth cannot be known since it is built on the shifting foundation of mans perceptions. As each individuals perception is different, truth cannot be known. References: Bible and Blogs specifically the Truth Project

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