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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Par. 1 Today 98% of American households have a TV set and the same is true of most developed countries. Indeed, many homes have more than one set. Television is taken for granted, treated as an innocent part of the furniture but, in fact, it does more harm than good.

Par. 2 Supporters of television argue that ¦= educational (e.g. science, geography and history documentaries, news programmes, childrens programmes such as Sesame Street) ¦

However, ¦

* TV viewing is essentially a passive activity that discourages critical thinking indeed, most viewers (esp. children) watch television indiscriminately ¦ * Research suggests that TV can slow down young childrens speech development ¦ * A link between literacy problems and frequent TV viewing ¦ * Similarly, a link between TV and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) ¦

Par. 3 Those in favour of TV claim that ¦ = an innocent form of entertainment especially helpful for housebound elderly people and the physically handicapped ¦

On the other hand, ¦

* television interferes with conversation (visitors often end up staring at the box in the corner instead of chatting with their hosts) ¦. * Many programmes spread fear and depression by focussing on violence, war, crime and various disasters ¦ * Some evidence that seeing on-screen violence makes us less sensitive to the real thing ¦

Par. 4 Proponents of TV sometimes suggest that ¦ closes the gap between different nations and cultures (e.g. satellite TV news reaches people simultaneously all around the world) ¦ As a result, >>> greater cross-cultural understanding and respect ¦

However, ¦

* The satellite channels are controlled by powerful western corporations and the culture of the programmes is predominantly North American, European or Australian ¦ (Not an equal sharing of information, opinions or cultural expressions ¦) * Television is often used as a propaganda tool (e.g. coverage of the Gulf War or Afghanistan) ¦ * In a very subtle way, television encourages materialism people in developing countries develop a desire for Coca-Cola, Big Macs, fast cars and western fashions ¦

Par. 5 In conclusion, TV viewing

* accelerates the process of Coca-colonisation;
* destroys the art of conversation and a healthy, optimistic view of life; * and turns people into unthinking, illiterate couch potatoes.
Just as a drug addict must kick their habit in order to avoid an early death, so the world must switch off its TVs if it wishes to produce active, intelligent citizens!

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