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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The topics I chose for my paper are; TV violence and how it affects teenagers in America This is targeted at the teenagers in America. The purpose of this paper is to examine the role that the media, particularly the television plays in the violent behaviors displayed by the teenagers in America today. The second topic is Work Stress and its effect on Homes This is directed towards the working class and married people. The purpose if this paper is to critically examine the effect of work and office stress on marriages and homes in America. Finally, the last is Does God exists? The audience here are religious people and the aim of the paper is to evaluate and to consider the claim whether God truly exist or not.

Personally, if I were the audience, in the first paper, I would be interested in hearing how the writer can establish the fact that television adds to the teenage violence and the proofs he has for saying what he is saying. In the second paper, I would be expecting to see a direct connection between how people that are under work stress cope and the way they relate to their partners at home. In the case of the third, I would be expecting to see a convincing argument that either supports or opposes the existence of God. To answer these questions, the author might have to divide the papers into segments and then answer them sequentially.

Question 2

We have Character formatting, section formatting, paragraph formatting and document formatting. If the correct formatting is not used to write a paper, it does not make it readable. For instance, using smaller font sizes makes it difficult for some people to read a paper. Apart from this, the type of font that is used goes a long way to decide whether the reader will find the text appealing and readable. The use of paragraph also adds beauty to a paper. This is because after a point has been discussed in a previous paragraph, one needs a fresh line to introduce a new idea.


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