Two way conversation between president Franklin Roosevelt & Bill Clinton Essay

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It was Christmas Eve. William Jefferson Clinton, otherwise known to most of us as Bill, sat on a snow-covered bench beside the Boulder Bridge at Rock Creek Park. He was soon joined by another man, whom Bill thought strangely familiar.


WJC: Excuse me sir, but I really thought you looked like FDR.

FDR: (silent)

WJC: Sorry, I must have offended you. You dont seem quite cheerful. Its Christmas Eve!

FDR: Son, dont you have any consideration?! Shame on you for dodging the drafts! And you have the guts to be merry at these darkest times!

WJC: Hey, I dont understand what youre talking about”

FDR: December 7”over two weeks ago, Pearl Harbor was harassed by an air raid of Japs. We live in infamous times.

WJC: I definitely agree with that. It was the worst day America had to face almost three scores ago.

FDR: What nonsense are you talking about?! The year is 1941!

WJC: Fifty-eight years ago¦

FDR picked up a daily that lay under the bench It was then that he realized what was going on¦

FDR: God Almighty! I must be dreaming!

WJC: (puzzled)

FDR: Is it really the year 1999?

WJC: Why of course”wait, dont tell me¦you ARE FDR?

FDR: Of course I am!

Bill touched FDRs hand. It was a fine winter night, but Bill felt a genuine chill run down his spine.

WJC: Youre not even a ghost!

FDR: Now that I think of it”(FDR stood up and walked around) I could walk¦

WJC: Maybe we are in a dream.

FDR: Whats your name, son?

WJC: William Jefferson Clinton, sir. Id be unworthy to tell you, but I am the president of the United States.

FDR: A young man like you?

WJC: Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy were younger when they assumed office”oh I forgot, you never knew John Kennedy.

FDR: Never mind me”its just that the war had gotten to my nerves. Of course Im never going to tell the press anything about that.

WJC: The press was nicer during your times. Im a cheap tabloid staple.

FDR: You allow them to do that to you?

WJC: Thats freedom of speech these days. The press dont pry on private lives in your time as much as they do now in mine.

FDR: You have to show them whos boss! Youre the PRESIDENT, for Petes sake!

WJC: Ive heard youve been very controlling during your term, even defying the Constitution and the balance of power”

FDR: It was the call of times. People had no jobs and were homeless. Those unscrupulous money changers had gone too far. The government had to act if it was to revive its former prosperity.

WJC: Theyve called you fascist.

FDR: I used to admire that Italian leader, Mussolini. Then he had to ally himself with Hitler and the Japs”the JAPS!

WJC: Japan had since disarmed itself and is now one of the strongest advocates of world peace.

FDR: I hope this is not because Im dreaming.

WJC: Well, I wouldnt want to change history by telling you all that had come to pass after 1941, but take a look around. (Bill stands up and raises his arm) This IS the America youve dreamed off! A prosperous and mighty country! A country the whole world looks up upon”(droops) well, almost.

FDR: Almost?

WJC: Saddam Hussein isnt particularly happy with us”umm, I hope you dont mind me if I ask you something¦personal?

FDR: Were two presidents lost in time all alone beside the Boulder Bridge on Christmas Eve, when we should be at home with our families for dinner. God Almighty sure has reason we have met. You are my friend as I am to you.

WJC: Was it true¦about Lucy Mercer?


WJC: Im terribly sorry. Its just that”I had similar issues myself¦

FDR: You betrayed your wife?!

WJC: No, its not that. But I did make a few¦mistakes.

FDR: Is that why the tabloids are after you?

WJC: Well, I never DID have any sexual relations with that woman, Lewinsky! It was just”oh never mind.

FDR: And your wife knew all about this?

WJC: She did. She was very frustrated, in fact.

FDR: My mother had to threaten me her finances should I have divorced Eleanor.

WJC: Eleanor Roosevelt was a champion of womens rights and humanitarian cooperation.

FDR: And your wife?

WJC: Shes a defender of health and childrens welfare.

FDR: I feel that both of us have wives that we could truly be proud of.

WJC: Too bad Mrs. Roosevelt never dared to run for public office.

FDR: Shes averse of the thought.

The two men were silent for a long time.

FDR: What does America think of me?

WJC: You have your own monuments. You even have your own dime.

Bill shows the dime to FDR.

FDR: Am I revered so much?

WJC: Well as I said, not everybody liked you. But you shaped Americas history, no doubt.

FDR: Everybody shapes Americas history. Heroes are there to inspire, but it is the people that brings a nation up.

WJC: I much agree with that.

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