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Published: 2020-02-22 07:30:51
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Good day! My name is BingWei Wu, a transfer student currently majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am writing to appeal my dismissal from this university due to a low GPA, which will take effect this . I will offer no excuses for my poor academic performance other than the fact that I have been reckless and had misplaced priorities. I do regret what I have done, and it is something that I have learned from and can honestly say that I will not allow to happen again.

From this day forward, should the university decide to act upon my appeal with favor, I commit to be more resolute and responsible in the way I will pursue my academic goals. Now that I find myself in this situation, I understand the importance of being a responsible college student, focusing myself entirely on my educational goals. I have identified the factors that led to my poor performance and what I plan to do with them so I can be more focused on my academic activities in the future: Working hours.

To support myself, I had to work as cashier in a Chinese restaurant, sometimes chalking up to 18 hours a week to earn enough for my needs. This punishing schedule has drained my energy and took time away from my studies. To make up for lost freedom from my job, I instead took it out of my education schedule. I have already stopped working so I can spend and devote my time and efforts to my studies. I also plan to follow a more rigid schedule for my studies and other activities and accord highest priority for the former. Academic workload.

As I slowly regain my bearing, I plan to reduce my academic workload to a manageable level to allow me enough time to focus on my major subjects. Starting academic year 2009-2010, I plan to enroll in less than 16 units per quarter. Biting off more than I could chew did not prove successful this time around. Room sharing. To stretch my limited budget, I shared a room with a friend. While it was an ideal living arrangement, it did not prove beneficial for my studies as I got easily distracted and lost my focus. Determined to be more focused, I have already moved out into my own room. Adjustment problems.

Being a transfer student from Sacramento City College, I went through a rough adjustment process. It took some time for myself to navigate through my new environment and make new friends. I have somehow settled now and I assure you that this should no longer be an issue in the next quarters, allowing me to focus more on my studies than on my trying to balance a social life. I sincerely hope that you will look upon my appeal with favor. I want to make my parents proud as they work so hard to give me a college education and a better future. They deserve no less from me. Thank you, Name and Signature.

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