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Published: 2019-12-27 07:22:45
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This is when they ask for something and they expect a certain level of service Customer satisfaction- This is when customers feel like youve given them a good service Main characteristics of typical customers- Typical customers purchase goods/services, make queries and ask for advice. Exceeding customer expectation- Providing good value for money, giving advice and information quickly, providing additional help and support and good discounts.

Falling short of customer service- Being unable to meet customers expectations, unable to deliver services/goods and being rude. Different responsibilities in customer service Supervisor- training, day to day responsibilities, supervision and a source of advice Line manager- more supervision, more responsibility, and auditing. Customer service roles- Receptionist, shop assistant, delivery driver and accounts manager. Different kinds of information- Informative, instructive, directive, warning and safety. Common sources of information- Brochures, leaflets, internet, press reports and from your customers.

Customers service experience is affected by the behaviour they receive from customer service practitioners Showing concern- Sympathy Listening- Nodding, saying yes Positive body language- Keeping eye contact Indentifying the reason for dissatisfaction- Faulty goods, no delivery. Apologising- Saying sorry, explain the reasons Remaining calm and in control- Not losing temper Typical customer service problems- Complaints, faults, deliveries and not fit for purpose Reporting customer service problems- To your supervisor, to your manager and to the supplier. Teamwork:

To customer- Consistent service and effective cover for absences To organisation- Consistency and effective cover for absences To self- Help, support and an impact on motivation Organisational practices and procedures- Keeping accurate records, answering phones, staff appearance and dress, refunds policy and complaint handling. Importance- Ensuring consistent and reliable service, customer satisfaction, efficient operation and corporate identity. Reffering to someone in authority when? Outside own expertise, outside own authority, seeking advice and unable to deal with customer.

Reffering to someone in authority how? Face to face, in writing, over the telephone and via text or email. Security of customer and their property- Compliance with health and safety laws, ensuring hygienic work practice and having a security alert. Security of customer information- Data protection laws and credit and debit details. Health and safety- Compliance with health and safety regulations, control of substances hazardous to health regulations 1994 and fire safety regulations. Treating customers equally- equal opportunities, racial and gender discrimination and compliance with regulations act.

Importance of confidentiality to customer- making sure name, address, debit and credit card and details of purposes are secure. Importance and confidentiality to staff- making sure names, addresss are secure. Also making sure it is compliant with the data protection act- access limited to authorised personnel and computers need a password to be accessed. Legislation- Working time directive 1999, working with computers, equality act 2010 and the disability discrimination act. Effect of external regulations- organisational procedures and the trade body codes of conduct.

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