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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Sharpie, the company that produces a line of high quality markers that comes in a wide variety of colors. College or university students use them because of their bright and vibrant colors. To further spread the word out for their amazing product, a campaign is devised. Thus, we came out with Let the colors speak.

This campaign focuses on the variety of colors they provide, and how important it is without them. It is collaboration between¦ This campaign will first begin promoting via social media, where most of Sharpies main target audience spends time on. Here they¦

Objective: To help Sharpie increase its brand awareness, further improve its product engagement leading to an increase in sales.

Solution: To show how limited one could express with the absence of color. We express them in contrast to the extreme: A blindfolded person with Sharpie colored markers will draw a monster that they think, is able to escape the box. Thus, we present to you, Let Your Imaginations Run Wild. Colleges and universities will be contacted to host the major event. They will compete against each other via social media, and the winner will have the drawn monster sculpted into form as a prize for the college. The shortlisted individuals will also receive a trophy of their own monster.

Results: An expected increased traffic to Sharpies Facebook page for the first few launching hours. College students will be notified and a spread of voice is expected to happen in the next few days. A healthy competition in the name of imagination is expected to occur among different colleges. Ultimately, we expect to meet the objectives: increased brand awareness among target audience, product engagement is done during the interactions and also an increase in sales.

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