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Published: 2020-02-12 14:32:22
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I believe that the best aspects about the University of California Irvines business program are its competent and highly knowledgeable educators, its friendly environment, and its highly-competitive and extensive curriculum. For me, these three aspects not only place the school as one of the top universities, but it also moulds students to become adept and highly skilled professionals in their careers. Furthermore, I believe that UCIs business program would more than provide me with the necessary skills and knowledge that would enable me to become a highly competent and very successful businessman.

In addition, considering the UCIs well-established reputation, the school would also teach me the right attitudes and inculcate in me the proper values that I need to achieve my goals. However, aside from the fundamentals in business, the program would also allow me specialize in other areas such marketing, finance, accountancy, and management, among others. In other words, if am accepted into the program, I would have the potential to become not only a top-caliber businessman, but also an adept professional in marketing analysis, business management, and corporate accountancy.

Moreover, the UCIs campus has a very rich environment, especially the Aldrich Park, which is highly suitable for learning. For me, its amazing architecture and beautiful surroundings effectively facilitates interaction among peers and contributes to its students enthusiasm to study, which I believe are two important things that would help me in my professional and personal growth. Over-all, I believe that if am blessed and fortunate enough to be accepted in the schools business program, I would no doubt be learning from best and as a result, I would be able to excel in any endeavor or any field I would choose.

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