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Even though many Ubuntu functions can be performed through the GUI, they can be completed faster through the shell. The default shell that Ubuntu uses is BASH. Three features and roles of each feature for Saucy Salamander 1. LibreOffice open-source Office suite

2. Radeon UVD support deals with hardware decoding of H.264 and VC-1 video codes 3. Keyboard Language selector if you use a different keyboard (ie German keyboard has different keys than the US Keyboard), Keyboard Language selector allows you to switch keyboard layouts with a click of a button Comments on security

Ubuntu is designed to be secure upon installation. This means that users programs run with low privileges. If you need temporary administrative privileges, the sudo tool is available, which allows the root account to remain locked and helps to prevent unauthorized access, as well as prevents inexperienced users from making catastrophic system changes. Ubuntu also has a build-in firewall, and most network ports are closed by default to prevent hacking.

Comments on administration

Ubuntu has a Control Center that can be installed to provide system management via the GUI instead of shell. This should make administration easier for users that came from Windows and are now starting to use Linux based systems. This Control Center also allows management of hardware, software management, etc.

Comments on networking

Just like Windows, Ubuntu used TCP/IP. IPv4 and IPv6 are available. Ubuntu also can use DNS for name resolution. IP addressing can be configured for DHCP to receive an IP address from an DHCP server Comments on performance

Compared to Windows, the performance of Ubuntu is faster because it is using fewer resources. But there are always ways to improve performance such as decreasing the swap use. On the hard disk there are separate partitions for virtual memory, called swap. If Ubuntu uses the swap too much, the computer has a tendency to decrease in performance.

Comments on programmability

The GNU Compiler Collection comes by default with Ubuntu Linux. With the GNU Compiler Collection, it is possible to program in C, C++, Java, as well as many other programming languages.


UNIX® or Linux® operating system version: 

SUSE Linux

Your response
Role of shell
Even though many SUSE Linux functions can be performed through the GUI, they can be completed faster through the shell. Three features and roles of each feature

1. Virtualization According to Introduction To Xen Virtualization (2015), basic components of a Xen-based virtualization environment are the Xen hypervisor, the Domain0 (Virtual machine host environment), and any numbers of VM Guests, as well as the tools, commands and configuration files that let you manage virtualization (Basic Components). SUSE Linux now has also the capability of installing VMware drivers and tools, which are now fully supported and integrated into SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

2. Full system rollback This feature provides a better resiliency by allowing administrators to take snapshots of the system, including kernel files, and roll back. System administrators can boot from a snapshot, enhancing fault recovery and change tracking and comparison, and improving data safety

3. KIWI KIWI is a tool that helps you simplify your golden image creation process and is now included in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 subscription. With one configuration, you can use KIWI to create OS images for physical deployments (DVD, USB) as well as provision it into virtual hypervisor environments (Xen, KVM, VMware, HyperV), container frameworks (Linux Containers, Docker) and public and private clouds. Comments on security

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 is in evaluation for a Common Criteria Certification, and multiple security modules are in process for a FIPS 140-2 Validation with the NIST. Among those modules are OpenSSL, OpenSSH client and server, Strongswan (IPSec-based VPNs) and the Kernel Crypto API. Comments on administration

YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) According to The Top 5 Remote Server Management Tools (2015), a tool for administering and maintaining a SUSE Linux installation. It allows administrators to install software, configure hardware, set up networks and servers, and more (3. Yet Another System Tool (YaST)).

Comments on networking

Wicked is a local network management tool that makes it easy to manage ever-more-complicated network configurations such as VLAN, virtualization, bridging, bonding and IPv6.

Open vSwitch As enterprises move workloads from physical to virtual systems, they need virtual networking on the hosts that provides the same advanced functions as a physical switch. Open vSwitch is a virtual switch for hypervisors, providing network connectivity to virtual machines. It optimizes networking in a virtual environment, making it a building block for software-defined networking (SDN). Comments on performance

According to High Performance Computing Breaks New Ground (2015), SUSE Linux Enterprise server has advanced memory management, new processor support, unmatched performance on systems with multicore processors, Native POSIX Thread Library (NPTL) and advanced multi-pathing and I/O capabilities (para. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server”Best Choice for High Performance Computing).

Comments on programmability

OGara (2013), Docker is an open source engine that quickly wraps up any application and all its peculiar dependencies in a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that can run virtually anywhere on anybodys infrastructure (para. 2). Docker and Linux Containers are great ways to build, deploy and manage applications. You can use them with tools like Open Build Services and KIWI for easy and powerful image building.


UNIX® or Linux® operating system version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Role of shell

Even though many Red Hat Enterprise Linux functions can be performed through the GUI, they can be completed faster through the shell. Three features and roles of each feature
1. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) which is a enterprise virtualization product by Red Hat based on the KVM hypervisor. 2. Client/Desktop Red Hat Enterprise Linux has a client side solutions which provides virtual desktop that would be able to replace Microsoft Windows 3. Resource Management Control Group feature offers way to allocate processor, memory, and I/O resources among applications and virtual guests.

Comments on security

According to Red Hat, Inc. (2010), due to its high security standards, corporations as well as government institution utilize Svirt, which is enabled by default, provided containment and isolation of virtual guests. Svirt capabilities are unique to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and unmatched by competing virtualization solutions from VMware, Microsoft, or Oracle. Some of the other security features that Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers are listed below: SELinux Kiosk Mode Kiosk mode allows users to login to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, where their home directory and environment is created for the duration of the session. The home directory and environment is removed once the users logs out, creating a secure session which cannot be accessed by other users. Lower Process access rights / system defaults tuned for system hardening Standard file and process permissions were reviewed and reduced whenever possible in order to reduce risk of privilege escalation.

Comments on administration

Administrative tasks such as setting up and managing web and email services, optimizing storage, configuring virtualization and high availability, and much more can be performed

Comments on networking

Network configurations can be performed by using a Text User Interface (nmtui), Network Managers CLI (nmcli) or using the Command Line Interface (CLI). Red Hat is using TCP/IP for their networking and IP addresses can be assigned for static or dynamic (DHCP). According to Deployment Guide, Red Hat Enterprise Linux also supports network bonding, which allows administrators to bind multiple network interfaces together into a single bonded, channel. Channel bonding enables two or more network interfaces to act as one, simultaneously increasing the bandwidth and providing redundancy (14.2.3. Channel Bonding Interfaces).

Comments on performance

According to Venezia (2014), RHEL 7 includes new monitoring and performance tools. Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) has a new API for importing, exporting and processing performance data, while the Tuned daemon provides dynamic system performance tuning (para. 6) Comments on programmability

RHEL 7 integrates with Docker. OGara (2013), Docker is an open source engine that quickly wraps up any application and all its peculiar dependencies in a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that can run virtually anywhere on anybodys infrastructure (para. 2).


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