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Published: 2020-02-23 15:50:24
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Every person is affected by the myriad of events and people who have managed to change their life direction. The same was with me. Many people have seriously influenced my decisions, choosing my life path and future career. For example, my mother taught me the heroism of selfless devotion to worthy cause as she was interested in the destinies of abused children. My playwriting teacher changed my attitude towards music and now I do appreciate the role of classical music in our dazzling world. My teacher of world history showed me that the history isnt simply facts and dates the history is the connection between cultures.

In such a way my history teacher broadened my view that the world is wrapped up in lots of historical mysteries. Of course, these people influenced my life and contributed to my spiritual and psychological development, and these people easily strike my mind. Nevertheless, these people are elders and I am rather distanced from them. The person, whom I am going to devote my essay, has influenced me to change my life direction, but his influence is hardly describable. James was the first international student in my class and it is he who had influenced my decision to become international student, too.

Before our meeting I thought Id not be able to leave my native country and to become labeled as international student. It sounded for me as death penalty I was afraid of discrimination. However, James showed how wrong I was. Together we developed our new personalities open to perception of new cultures and nationalities; we developed our own sense of humor and attitude towards girls. James came to my country having no friends and not knowing the language, but he was a strong person ready to fight all difficulties. I really admired his personal strength and his character.

He said that leaving his native country was the most difficult decision he had ever made, but he realized that he would have more opportunities here. I saw how difficult for him it was to find new friends and to communicate with other people, but he never gave up. Before meeting James I felt sometimes like an outcast, but James made me feel more confident and find myself. Moreover, I re-affirmed my inspirations and drives. James and I had the same thoughts and the same problems and, therefore, sometimes I felt we are brothers.

However, everything ends in our life and James left my school as his family moved to another city. Despite our efforts to maintain our relations, our friendship gradually drifted apart. Now I understand that our friendship was based on growing at the same surrounding and under the same conditions sharing similar hopes and fears. Our friendship in the middle school was magical, but, it is a pity that lighting doesnt strike twice. Nevertheless, I became firm of purpose to become international student as James showed that I had nothing to fear. Yes, difficulties did challenge me, but I found strength to cope with them.

James did work the lesson in my heart you should be always confident in who you are and others will perceive you the same way. Actually, if I had never met James, I definitely would have missed experience of being international student. James exerted positive influence on my future life which became full of projects, ideas and companionships with new friends and classmates. Newtons First Law of Motion states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion in the same direction unless acted upon by an external force. Actually, James was that external force!

Now I made up decision to transfer to the University of South Carolina as it is one of the best private research universities in the world. I think that University will provide me with more opportunities and knowledge how to succeed in our highly-competitive business world. Moreover, I will be provided with the highest-quality education, skills and values which will be necessary for responsible citizenship in changing world. Apparent strength of University is diversity of faculties, where each student is able to choose the direction he is interested in the most.

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