Valentine and Funeral Blues Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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In the poem Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy, love affected the poet in various ways which made her view love in a new and different way, revolving her perspective of love on an onion. In the poem Funeral Blues the poet W. H. Auden was also deeply affected by love, to the point that his lover became everything to him. In Valentine the poet, Carol Ann Duffy, metaphorically expresses her perspective of love through an onion, and uses this unique view of love to illustrate its evolution from good to bad.

In the poem (Valentine), Duffy rejects every other romantic gift Not a red rose or a satin heart and not a cute card or a kissogram and instead presents her lover with an onion, granting him with an uncommon yet more meaningful version of love, instead of the usual cliched versions. The poet repeats the phrase I give you an onion to reinforce her choice, showing that she is confident and sure for what she has chosen.

She describes the onion as a moon wrapped in brown paper which promises light, the brown paper supports the fact that the onion is a gift, which will be unwrapped to reveal a light. Comparing the onion to the moon suggest a romantic atmosphere, the moonlight symbolises their love being revealed, showing purity and peace. As the poem continues, the poet shows how love evolves the careful undressing of love as the relationship grows, the light strengthens causing the lovers to discover the darker personalities of one another.

The poet also hints that, like the moons surface, love is bumpy and hard. In the third stanza, Duffy moves onto the negative side of love. As love progresses it will blind you with tears here, the poet uses the tears caused by cutting an onion to illustrate how the excitement of love causes a person to focus on nothing but their lover, overlooking the rest of the world around them. Also, Duffy implies how a person also gets blinded to their lovers faults and instead focuses on their good features.

Another negative affect caused by love are the relationship troubles ¦your reflection a wobbling photo of grief shedding tears while in love is unavoidable similar to crying while cutting an onion scarring the relationship. The photo represents their happy memories, which became depressing and heartbreaking to remember. To defend her negative thoughts on love, Duffy states that she is trying to be truthful this supports how shes greatly affected by love, and is exploring it thoroughly.

Carol Ann Duffy suggests how love is passionate its fierce kiss will stay on your lips, a kiss which is usually sweet is contrasted with fierce to exaggerate how the kiss is full of feeling, leaving a stinging feeling on the lips. The word fierce also implies an animal like characteristic provoked by love, as the animal attacks its prey in a possessive way. The poet also brings up a persons want for a never ending relationship faithful as we are, for as long as we are but in reality, love ends as soon as the possessive need for each other dies out.

The poets negative thoughts of a long lasting love are reinforced in ¦shrink it to a wedding ring if you like. Lethal Duffy gives the option of marriage, even though shes against it and believes that itll end badly. The phrase shrink it to a wedding ring emphasises the weakening of love, especially after marriage as it becomes lethal and deadly. The wedding ring will become a burden will cling to your fingers, cling to your knife the repetition of the verb clings implies the painful grip marriage causes, which is then reinforced by the word knife as it slices and hurts the former lovers.

In the poem Funeral Blues by W. H. Auden, the poet is mourning over the death of his lover. The poet ignores everything and directs all his attention on the funeral of his lover stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone¦ silence the pianos as if the outside world is frozen and unchanging. Auden also hints his want for respect towards his lover for requesting silence and his anxiety in bring out the coffin, let the mourners come as if impatiently wanting to start mourning over his love.

The word coffin symbolises the death of their love, along with his lover, that their love is forever gone and buried away. In the second stanza, Auden mentions aeroplanes circle moaning the sky here, the aeroplanes is a metaphor for the mourners, as their wails of sadness fill the air around him, scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead the constant crying of the mourners seem to be mocking the poet, always confirming his lovers death, reminding him that hes never coming back.

As the poem continues, the poet realises how truly important his lover was to him he was my north¦ my Sunday rest¦ my talk, my song this indicates that he was his lover was everything to him, from the most ordinary my Sunday rest to the most wonderful my song, conveys how powerful their love was and how much it affected them. Auden describes his love as his week, noon and midnight comparing him to time, which is never ending and always present, implying their future together.

Their love was so strong that Auden was certain for a future together, never imagining of a life without him I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong, this reinforces how their love has died, that his everything is dead, and therefore part of him is dead as well. At the end of the poem, Audens perspective of life changes the stars are not wanted¦ pack up the moon¦ pour away the ocean the world has lost its appeal, life has become meaningless and useless.

The stars, moon and oceans which usually hold amazing beauty, have become worthless and featureless, similar to the poets life. In the last verse, Auden has completely given up on life for nothing now can ever come to any good he doesnt see any future for him, he is blinded by his dead lover, nothing can make him happy anymore.

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