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Published: 2020-01-21 05:30:37
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Veronica Aunsionwu, founder of The Lords Word on Healing Ministry and author of several books on overcoming infertility, would like to announce the creation of her newest website, Beautifulandpregnanant. com. This website promotes her new books, Woman, You Are Not Infertile, volumes one and two. These books give practical advice from the Word of God about difficulties becoming pregnant, and what one can do to overcome these difficulties through trust and prayer.

Ms. Aunsionwu feels called by God to share what she has learned through years of study and self-experience regarding problems in reproduction and the miracles God can bring to people who will believe in Him and call on His name for a child of their own. In addition to the announcement of the two new books by Ms. Aunsionwu, there is also an announcement of a five-part e-course that can be ordered for free from beautifulandpregnant. com.

This course will go over the basics of the two new books, and it will give all those who are interested a glimpse of the information that Ms. Aunsionwu has so carefully complied for those who so desperately desire a child of their own. Beautifulandpregnant. com is full of excerpts from the two new books, and it also offers pertinent Bible verses and stories of success to inspire and encourage all visitors to the site. As both volumes of Woman, You Are Not Infertile are e-books, they can be bought and downloaded from beautifulandpregnant.

com in mere minutes. If one does choose to download the volumes, there is a special offer of four dollars off when both are purchased together, and there are two free gifts available as well. These free e-books will help with naming your baby and feeling your best during pregnancy. There is a 60-day guarantee with purchase, and the free gifts are yours to keep. Come, let Ms. Aunsionwus interpretation of Gods Word encourage and strengthen you on your quest to bear a child. Beautifulandpregnant. com is well worth your visit!

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