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Published: 2020-02-08 06:22:56
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The world has become a global village and markets have stretched out to the extent that now companies are competing on an international level. This has provided firms with huge opportunities to progress but on the other hand it also demands more diligent efforts from the employees side. Therefore the challenge is to cope up with the dynamic changing environment and deal with changes courageously. To survive prosperously in a changing atmosphere effective leadership skills are vital. As a result, the leaders of companies at present have a lot to be concerned about and a lot of responsibilities to tackle.

Hence, it is entirely up to the leadership skills possessed by the leaders to make most of the human potential and inspire them in order to make sure that they adapt rapidly and with no trouble to the work environment and thus capitalize on increasing effectiveness. A concept that comes up in business is called a flat organization. This means there are limited hurdles among the employees and management to make decisions. Empowerment is the provision of individuals with the ability to make choices on their own; this in turn builds the individual and improves their efficiency.

This will accelerate a persons social, spiritual and economical strength and will provide him with self-confidence with regards to his own potentials. If we look at empowerment form a sociological perspective, it means paying due attention to the rights of people and giving them an opportunity to make decisions and stop others from discriminating against one another because of their race, color, etc. Empowerment is basically a process that helps an individual attain power to make decisions which will affect other people and themselves.

For a person to be empowered he needs to have all the required information and resources that he can make the best possible decision. The person should also have options from which he can chose from. If he doesnt have choices then that means he isnt getting an opportunity to implement his judgement. An empowered person can also increase his personal power by learning different skills and is capable of making other people alter their thinking style. An empowered person learns from his environment and adapts.

Empowerment is also used in organizations as a management tool. Employee empowerment is when non-managerial staff can participate in decision making without management approval. In this method people closest to the problem are given chance to take action and administer their work. This practice enhances the employees motivation level, job satisfaction and devotion towards the organization. The employees of an organization are an asset to the company; one extra ordinary employee can do wonders to the companys destiny.

Giving power to employees helps them suggest idea, keep businesses and their clients away from difference of opinions, improve services and save recourses. It helps the employee to increase their output and have a sense of belonging toward the organization. Employee empowerment is when non-managerial staff can participate in decision making without management approval. In this method people closest to the problem are given charge to take action and administer their work.

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