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Published: 2017-06-06 14:17:34
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Current virus attacks are taking the form of . rar-packed viruses. This involves . rar files, which resemble normal . zip files and are capable of holding numerous compressed files (Symantec Corporation, 2010). Such have been blamed for evading the normal anti-virus systems into the computer. In addition, the large capacity of these files enables the attacker to integrate other malicious programs such as Trojan horse and backdoor into the computers without detection by the use.

Based on this, the latest attackers include Trojan horse, backdoors, phishing, and spyware, which are commonly transmitted through the . rar files (Symantec Corporation, 2010). Spam messages can contain crimeware programs such as Trojan horses, spyware and bots as well as enhance phishing. The complexity in identifying and disinfecting current virus attacks is that they tend to use multiple vectors to spread as well as showing limited signs of their presence to the user.

Current virus attacks harm the networks in a number of ways such as corrupting file information and computer configurations, thus compromising the reliability of the system to the user (Siles, 2010). Theses attacks can also lead to Distributed Denial of Service to an authorised user as evident from some case reported in January and August this year. Trojan horse inhibits shutting down of the infected system while backdoors allows for bypassing of the authentication provisions to access the system (Symantec Corporation, 2010).

According to available information, PCs are more vulnerable to current virus attacks. This is particular when such computers lack proper configurations and in effective virus protection versions. Another vulnerable platform is PCs used by individuals with limited or no information of the various ways viruses use to enter into a computer system (Fisher, 2005). Thus, awareness and constant anti-virus updating can significant help in protecting computer against current virus attacks.


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