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Published: 2019-12-03 21:12:27
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            The Makati Educational Institute offers various programs that will prepare soon-to-be teachers to efficiently impart critical information to our future generation. We  prepare a person enrolled in our institute by developing his or her full potential. We employ a very modern, multi-dimensional and hands-on approach to education. We also ensure that our tranining and educational policies are at the forefront of the industry.  Moreover, we utilize the latest technology in our classrooms, departments and other facilities on campus.

            In addition, we manage our students on a one on one basis. We make sure that our teacher to student ratio in our classrooms is kept at a bare minimum, about twenty students per teacher, so teachers can actively attend to each of their students needs and critically monitor each individuals progress.

            Our programs and various teaching methods provide students with a competitive advantage by setting them apart from the rest of the pack. We ensure a professional and dynamic atmosphere along with the latest information and technology in whatever field our students are pursuing. We also guarantee that our faculty members and staff will only bring out the best in our students. They are also dedicated in honing students abilities to their fullest. That is why our institution can proudly say that we only deliver the best and most qualified teachers of the future.





History of the institute

            Established in 2005, the founders of the institute wanted to provide an accelerated program for working professionals or to those who want to get a degree in a matter of one to two years.

            Our goal is to properly educate teachers that will be truly competent in their designated task  of effectively passing on knowledge to our future generation. Our institute is dedicated in making this possible by providing quality education and training to our students.

            Our faculty started with a group of educators who have been working in the academic field for decades. They decided to start their own institute after having been employed in numerous public and private schools. They figured that it is time they actively contribute to the educational system and what better way to do this than to educate and train future teachers.  In a year, the institute has employed 40 full-time teachers as well as 20 part-time teachers. Each year, the faculty and number of students just keps on growing.

            Our institutes meager beginnings started with just two dozen students walking the hallways of the two departments that occupy one building of our newly, furnished campus. After a year, enrollment in our institute has quadrupled.

            Our graduates in the last three years consisted of over two hundred students. They were employed at least three months upon graduation. This is because our institute offers educators the necessary skills and training to effectively do their job. We have a training program wherein our students are authorized to teach and provide support in various public and private schools nationwide. We also partnered with several schools in order to conduct a job fair that we hold in our institute at least twice a year. We also provide job assistance to fresh graduates of our institute.


            Our faculty consists of 150 qualified educators, working either on a full or part-time basis. They are all masteral and doctorate degree holders and experienced professionals in 16 different specialities. They operate and handle 6 departments in our institute namely Mathematics; Natural Sciences, Social Sciences; Foreign Languages which include Spanish, French, and German; Preschool Pedagogy and Pyschology; and Elementary Education. Each department has their own buidling.

            We also have a library, which holds about 350,000 academic journals and books. In addition, we are electronically subscribed to various online academic journals and magazines. We also have three modern computer laboratories to ensure that students have all the resources that they need to succeed in any of their chosen field of study. While our science laboratories contain advanced equipments to assist our students in furthering their knowledge regarding the subject matter.

            Furthermore, we also offer free tutorial sessions to our students after class. Out of the 150 teachers on campus, 50 of them voluntarily tutor students on a regular basis. Most of these teachers have doctorate degrees in a wide-array of courses available in our institute.

            Moreover, our after-school tutoring program is headed by five of our most dedicated and talented instructors. All of them have doctorate degrees in their chosen field of studies. Also, they all have impeccable records due to their accredited performance.

            One of our tutors and full-time staff member is Lisa Gonzales. She heads the foreign language department. Her specialty is in Spanish and French. She graduated as magna cum laude of her class. Lisa strongly believes that learning a foreign language is essential in our ever-growing society that is becoming more globalized over the years. With more Filipinos being employed overseas, it is crucial that students learn and become fluent in at least one foreign language to have an advantage over other job applicants.

            On the other hand, Tesa Santos who heads our Math department, stresses the importance of developing better math skills. This is because Filipinos are lagging behind when it comes to this subject area. Thus, she simplifies concepts in order for her students to understand the general idea. She realizes that students need to constantly practice math skills that they have learned. Therefore, she usually engages them in numerous assignments and projects that are based on real life scenarios so that students can see the relevance of what they are learning. Her teaching strategies has proven to be effective because most of her students are currently employed at Mapua and Don Bosco schools.

            Finally, Mariel Garcia heads our elementary education department. Mariel firmly believes that the most important stage in the development and learning of children lies in their early years of education. This is because the desire to learn is at its peak. Therefore, educators should know how to handle young children effectively in order to bring out the best in them. Thus, her teaching method employs a more personal approach to learning.

            These are just some of our exceptional instructors. Students who have been taught by any one of these teachers know all too well that these teachers demonstrate a strong passion for what they do and skillfully challenge their students. As teachers, they exceed their students expectation. These teachers, along with the rest of our faculty, are all determined to make a difference in each of our students life. We are truly and genuinely interested in their future well-being and success. Thus, students at our institute becomes our main priority. This is because we are aware that without them, our institution will not exist.

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