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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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This week we will study organizational and managerial issues in logistics, factors that play a role in organizations logistics effectiveness and efficiency, and the ways to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. We will look at organizing logistics within the firm, focusing on organizational structure.

Assignment 3.1 Reading assignments

Read the following:
Chapter 4: Organizational and Management Issues in Logistics

Assignment 3.2 Individual homework

Answer questions posted for chapter 4

Open assignment link in Assignments area, Graded Individual Homework folder. This is a timed quiz and you have one hour to answer 10 multiple choice questions for each chapter. Save and submit your answers within one hour.

Assignment 3.3 Group Assignment

Case 4-1, Red Spot Markets Company, page 72. Answer all 8 questions. Please review the case thoroughly and do not split the work among group members. Everybody should have answers for all questions and share them with the team in group discussion area, and then try to integrate all answers into one report from the group, in a Word file. Name the file as Group No.- Week No. for example: Group 3-week 3

This assignment is due at the end of week 3(Sunday, 11:59 pm)

Assignment 3.4 (post to the discussion forum)

Answer one of the following questions as an original posting. Introducing outside material is encouraged. This can be in form of a relevant, real
life experience, or relevant online references that help you achieve a better understanding of the weeks topics and add value to your discussion. Merely finding the answers from the text will be a minimal contribution. You may ask any question about the weeks material or answer questions posted by other students. Do not answer a question that is already answered by another student. Type the question you are answering and follow with your answer. Please note that you are required to post two responses to other students.

Questions for this week:

1. Discuss several issues that influence the organization of logistics activities within a firm.

2. Compare and contrast the fragmented and unified logistical organizational structures.

3. What are the differences between a centralized and a decentralized logistics department?

4. Describe the hierarchical and matrix organizational design.

5. From a logistics perspective, how is network organizational design manifested in terms of relevancy, responsiveness, and flexibility?

6. Define what is meant by productivity. Discuss how productivity can be improved.

7. In what ways can unionized workforces be a challenge to improving productivity?

8. Discuss how technological considerations can help in managing truck drivers and their productivity.

9. What are some potential challenges to improving productivity by getting
more output from existing assets?

10. Discuss the reasons why logisticians might be concerned with theft.

11. How can logistics managers attempt to control pilferage?

12. Explain how piracy attacks on ships are a serious issue for todays logistics manager.

13. Describe some potential logistics social responsibility dimensions.

14. How can warehouses control their energy usage in terms of design, lighting, and roofing considerations?

15. Discuss the reasons why products might be returned.

16. What questions should be asked after a returned item has been counted and recorded? Nowadays lots of online shopping have the reverse logistics. There are some options for you to choose why you want to return it. For example, I want to return a cloth. Customer service should ask about

17. What are some ways in which the Transportation Security Administration is attempting to improve the security of the U.S. transportation system?

18. In what ways is the legislation requiring 100 percent scanning of U.S.-bound containers likely to be disruptive to international trade?

19. Discuss the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

20. What concerns have importers expressed with implementation of the Importer Security Filing rule?

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