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Published: 2019-11-26 10:52:30
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A warm and pleasant evening to all those who are present here. If there are no stars,there wont be any beauty in the sky. If there is no difference of opinions there wont be any creative and innovative ideas. Similarly if there is no Annual Function in our school, there wont be any chance for our young and dynamic children to uphold the pride of the institute, to catalogue the challenges we face, the endeavors we made andthe success we achieved and to show what we were, what we are and what we will be.

Here am I hence, much privileged to stand before you, to extend profound wishes andgreetings from the bottom of my heart, to bring the warmth of our affection, throughthe stream of love, to welcome each and every one of you.It is time for yet another day of the year to exhibit the talents of all our children, to bring to your kind notice their academic excellence, and the medals they bagged intheir outstanding performance in spots, and the grades they achieved in extracurricular activities, and in everything they speak and perform today as the cultural feastunfolds.We are extremely happy to have you with us today, to share in our joy and delightfulmoments of the day, and to be part of what we are. Wishing you all once again ahappy and memorable stay, I remain.Thank you.


I am profuse elated to take an opportunity to introduce our chief guest of the day Rev.Dr. N. Ravichandran, the director of the IIM Indore. He is graduated from IIMMadras in 1980 with specialization in Applied Probability. He joined IIM Ahemdabadas faculty in Production and Quantitative Method Area in 1980.His teaching and research interest include Applied Probability, Business ProcessReengineering, Competitive Strategy, IT for Competitive Advantage, Logistics andSupply Chain Management, Operation Strategy, Quantitative Methods inManagement, Simulation and Stochastic Modeling.He had held several short term visiting positions in many European Universities.

Hehas edited and co-authored 6 books, presented 80 research papers in national andinternational conference, 70 research publications in peer reviewed journals andauthored 40 management cases. He has designed 8 new executive courses at IIMAhemdabad and introduced 7 electives in the PGA program of IIM Ahemdabad.Several companies in India and in abroad as well have sought his expertise, to evolve,tailor made executive programme, in the areas of general management, business process reengineering, information technology as a source of advantage, competitivestrategy, supply chain management, logistics, operation management and strategicsourcing.Since Nov. 2008, he is the director of the IIM Indore

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