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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Western Society VS Eastern Society In After the First Death there was major antagonism between the two different societies, the western (American) and eastern (Arabic) societies. Among the eastern society in the novel, appropriate education, value for life and the individual were merely betrayed and violated, they simply did not exist. However, one thing that did exist very strongly was patriotism. The eastern societies are firm believers in patriotism and are powerful patriots. The western society too believed in patriotism, however not nearly as strongly as the easterners.

Yet, they still comprised of the values of life and the individuals themselves. Both sides believed in patriotism in their own ways. Both showed love and devotion to ones country. This was what the major conflict was all about. They both conceived and believed that their ways of life were accurate and proper. Nevertheless, only one side in the end was going to win. Either youre a great patriot or a great fool. (Page 192) This was a statement made by Artkin to the general, Bens father. The general stated that he was both.

A great fool for risking his sons life in order to save Inner Delta, and a great patriot because he was willing to loose his own son and to go all lengths merely to save Inner Delta. Education played an immense role in the way Miro and Artkins society were educated, as appose to the American education system. I went to a special school, where I was taught the use of weapons and explosives. Combat: with the knife, the gun, the hands. (Page 124) This was how Miro the terrorist was educated, accompanied by thousands of other egotistic and ruthless future terrorists.

Yet, still to this day there is no difference in the education system, and nothing has changed. Dictatorship and absolute authority are still operated in the eastern societies as well as continuing to teach terrorism and total patriotism. Miro had dared not question Artkin-no one was so foolish as to do that. (Page 60) This revealed how Miro was taught not to question authority, as appose to the American society, where questioning is believed to be encouraged and dictatorship is unheard of.

Miros assignment was to kill the driver. Without hesitation. (Page 17) Life for Miro, Artkin and other terrorists were meaningless and empty, they did not value or appreciate life. They too were also extremely apathetic when it came to other peoples lives. And inflicting death did not bother him (Miro), neither did the contemplation of the act. (Page 18) That it does not matter whether or not I get away. Whether or not I (Miro) live or die. Whether anyone else lives or dies. I have served my purpose.

(Page 217) These two particular quotes illustrated that other peoples lives as well as their own lives were pointless, and that it would not even scare them to see their own lives or other peoples lives perish. Automatically this paints a picture of how the two different societies in the novel lived, and the reason for all the conflict. Both societies had different beliefs and different views on life, which in this case produced major antagonism. Both believed that their way of life was superior to all others, and in order to prove that, they were willing to go to all lengths.

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