What It Means to Be an American Essay

Published: 2020-01-11 07:10:09
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For centuries of years the United States has been attracting immigrants from a variety of different countries, races, and religions to come live in a land full of freedom and opportunity. These people were looking for more than just rights and privileges. Their real desire was to become something that depicts pride and honor, an American. Being an American means much more than living in the United States. Along with the name come a number of different benefits such as, freedom of speech to express your own opinion, freedom of religion, and equality for all, including different sexes, races, religions and status. As Americans, we should be very proud of the privileges we have because many other countries are not fortunate enough to have all these freedoms. Our freedoms are what set Americans apart from other citizens and countries. Americans have the opportunity to acquire a good education and receive a satisfying career. Apart from some countries, American people of all different races and religions can live and work together because everyone is allowed an equal opportunity.

As a people Americans are united with a sense of pride for our country. All Americans should be proud of what the United States has accomplished. Our country has become a major influence to other countries. It is rising to be one of the most developed, wealthy, and most advanced in the world. Another quality that unites all Americans is its unforgettable and monumental past. Monuments, like the Lincoln Memorial, federal holidays such as the 4th of July, and historical landmarks, like war battlefields, are just some locations of a time or place that all Americans can share. These places and memories remind Americans of the struggle our country endured to gain freedom and the sacrifices important heroes made for the country. Another monumental thing in the past was the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the world trade center buildings.

The attack on the World Trade Centers is just one of many gruesome and sad, mourning days in American history, it will never be forgotten, neither will the people who died. These reminders should make all Americans proud of their heritage and remember that some people dont agree with the society or the United States at all. The history of the United States should be a vital requirement for all Americans to discover. I think it is very important that all Americans study the history of their country because many important and altering events happened centuries of years before we were born. All Americans should be reminded of what our country and its people have endured. After all the conditions we live in today are the effects of our past. That is what being an American means. To be loyal and grateful for the freedom you have and the democracy, that many other countries dont have.

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