What Kind of People in a Team Could Be More Efficient Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Section 1: Introduction

Nowadays, team work plays an essential role in business world, because the tasks today are more complicated than before, team work increase the efficiency and create more new ideas to accomplish the tasks. To involve what kind of persons to inform a team becomes crucial topic now. This paper proposes that like-minded persons are more efficient to achieve goals in a team. It demonstrates the strongest rival argument people of different characters accomplish goals more efficient, strong points with explanations and examples for my view, and then argues the possible gaps in my paper, finally draws a conclusion to sum up my proposition.

Section 2: Research and Select the Strongest Rival Argument

Topic Choosing and Initial Proposition

Topic: what kind of people in a team could be more efficient? Initial Proposition: team with like-minded persons is more efficient to achieve goals.

Strongest Rival Argument

Strongest rival argument: team with different characters persons is more efficient to achieve goals.

It is said that persons who are different from each other could perform well compared with persons who are like-minded for a team to achieve goals, because different minded persons they could play different roles in a team, and they have dissimilar opinions which could indicate diversity ways to achieve team goals, however, get everyone to play certain role in a team need a lot of time to acclimatize themselves to each others, the conflicts could not be avoided, there is very famous Chinese story called monkey king which described four totally different character persons to get the Buddhist Scriptures to save the public, it took plenty of time for them to adopt each other, due to the different character, some of them had quitted the duty because of the different thinking towards certain things, this delayed the time for them to reach the destination. On the contrary, for like-minded persons, they have similar thinking which would bring them more efficiency to accomplish the goal of a team compared with others.

Section 3: Strongest Arguments for My Position

This part is to demonstrate five arguments with illustrations and examples to support my views.

Firstly, team with like-minded person is easier to communicate with each other; it enhances efficiency of the team to achieve goals. Because communication is a transversion of sender giving information to receiver as well as receiver giving feedback to sender, communication is including verbal communication such as speech, song, and talking and nonverbal communication such as body language, sign language and eye contract. In communication process, a sender encodes his or her message to the receiver, and then the receiver decodes that message. The core is that the way to encode or decode information is individualism, in other words, it evolves the assumption of sender and receiver (Ralph G. Nichols).

While like-minded persons have similar assumption towards same item, it means for these people, the method they use to encode and decode information is alike, that is, the receiver could get the most information which the sender want to transfer, meanwhile the receiver right response to the sender, it shorten the way for like-mind person to communicate, because it almost eliminates the time of explain the diffidence of assumption, moreover it reduce the misunderstanding in the team. For example, extrovert persons like to talk a lot, through that they could communicate with each other, while introvert persons prefer to sign or body language, they might feel comfortable to communicate through these, it is hard for extrovert people to receive feedback from introvert ones, meanwhile it is not easy for introvert to be give information. Due to above, efficient communication for like-minded people leads to efficient work to achieve goals for the team.

Secondly, team with like-minded persons could be motivated better. Because different people need different kinds of motivation, motivation it is the causes for people to perform well and be creative. In other words, different efficient methods should be used to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the team members to accomplish the task and achieve the goals. Efficient positive methods of motivation will burn the passion of team member; spur their driving force, let them have the desire to transcendence of themselves and others, release their potential capability to reach the team goals. While the ways to motive people are quite different, it depends on the attitude of people towards certain kinds of things. As Stephen P. Robbins said, attitude is evaluative statement or judgment concerning objects, people or event.

By reason of that, attitude does not change because attitude is a persistent tendency to feel and behave in a particular way towards some object (Fred Luthans). Attitude normally is affected by the way of thinking form different people. While like-minded persons have similar thinking, that is, they have roughly same attitudes towards certain things. So that, for the team which is formed by like-minded persons, it is relative easy to find a nearly perfect way to motivate the almost team members, it reduces the time to find different ways to match different individuals, when the method is motivated one of them, the rest are almost motivated by the similar method. Moreover, it cut down the conflicts of different methods of motivation. For instance, the team with the members who all have same religious belief, it is not difficult to persuade them to dominate for charity to get bless from the god. In a word, like-minded persons could be motivated better in a team to perform well to achieve goals.

Thirdly, like-minded persons are faster to achieve commitment in a team which would make the team to achieve goals efficient. Commitment is a promise of individual for a team to achieve goals; commitment shows the obligations from team member, the one who is involved should be loyalty, responsible for the team goals (www.baike.baidu. com). Due to like-minded person communicate efficiently, they are understand each other deeper than others, it means that they could know others meaning clearer, it helps the team to reach a commitment from team member. Furthermore, team members are willing to reach a commitment when they could be motivated appropriately.

The meaning behind commitment is to be responsible for him or her promise. For team members, before they achieve the commitment, they firstly would think whether they have willing to reach the commitment, should consider about their capabilities or resources, then think whether there is a practical way to reach the commitment. So if the team members could understand efficient what their duties through the communication of the team, and show the desire to be in charge of their duties by motivation as well, they would be faster accomplish the obligation of them, which could drive the team to achieve the goals. In other words, like-minded persons are faster to come to the commitment to foster the team move on the goals.

Fourthly, a team with like-minded persons is more efficient to achieve goals because they are relatively easy to be managed to drive reaching the goals. For a team, it is very important to have regulations or rules to evaluate the performance of team members as well as make regular operations normal. Furthermore, the regulations which are constituted by the team should be obeyed by team members to enhance the regular working. If a team without manage, it is very hardly to maintain operation. While like-minded persons are faster to reach a commitment which could define the rule to manage themselves, it is not too complicated to find a way to manage one of the team members, and then duplicate similar method to manage others. Meanwhile, if the team members are different character, it is very hard to manage them by using similar method, even dissimilar ways could not manage them such efficient, because some members might break the rules if they are not managed in a right way, this reduced the efficiency of a team.

Last but not least, it might save time to reach the goals with like-minded persons for a team. As the famous saying, time is money; time is an essential standard to measure the efficiency of team work. Since like-minded persons have similar perception, it might accelerate them to find a substantial routine to reach the goals, this would reduce the conflicts of team members, and that is, the team would almost eliminate the time to intercede clash compared with forming with different character persons. Furthermore, with like-minded persons in a team, it decreases the time to get to know each others way of thinking, expressing opinions, giving feedback and working habits. The time to match different mindsets to integrate the tasks is also decreased as well. It is like dragon boat competition, like-minded persons are set to row the boat to the same direction, while different character persons are row the boat to different directions at first, it need time for them to discuss how to keep the same peace to do the tasks.

Section 4: Considering Possible Gaps in My Arguments.

The first gap in my argument is that there is not directly correlation that like-minded persons have similar assumption, because assumption of people is more related to the environment and their experiences. Since the way of people thinking due to the situation of them, that is, like-minded people might have similar experiences, this leads them think alike.

In the second argument, this paper figures out that similar method to motivate, while it is said that there is no perfect way to motivate people. It is true; however, being a team, there should be some methods which are not contradict with each other to motivate team members. The way could work to motivate one of team members, the rest would be affected more or less.

Thirdly, in the fourth argument, it is mentioned that different characters people could hardly to be managed by similar methods. There is not causal relationship between above. However, if team with different characters people, some of them might not obey the rules which they could not get use to.

Section 5: Conclusion

To sum up, this report argues people with like-minded are more efficient to achieve goals in a team. Because they could communicate well to get know each others ideas, be motivated by analogical methods to show enthusiasm to accomplish the tasks of team, accelerate the effects and resources to reach commitment, be less complicate to be managed, and save time to quicken up the process of team tasks as well. These items enhance the competition capability for a team to overcome conflicts, so that the team members could achieve the goals more efficient.


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