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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In school, of all the classes I have to take, I like P.E. most. Why? There are three simple reasons why I love it: there is no homework, it helps me stay healthy, and last, it is quite relaxing to learn.

First, the homework part, for me, its a dream comes true when theres no homework for me to do. I am kind of obsessed with homework. I open my eyes thinking about homework, I eat thinking about homework, I even take a bath thinking about homework. So itd be nice to have at least one subject that doesnt require my thinking about homework. And thats the first reason why I like physical education.

Second, about the true value of this subject, it helps us me stay strong. Obviously, P.E. helps us improving our health. Students are very careless about their own good by doing things that harm them in the way that they dont know, such as: sitting in front of the computers for hours, watching television for much too long, and many more. Those are the habits that are quite hard for children to change. And thats when P.E. comes into place. It make us do workouts, prevent us from getting out of shape and of course, no one wants to be fat because of one simple reason: you wont look attractive to other people and maybe that special someone is one of those people.

And last but not least, theres absolutely no pressure learning this subject. You dont have to pay much attention when studying. Theres almost nothing too complicated about P.E. compare to other classes like Math, Physics, Chemistry¦ and so thats the last reason I like this.

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