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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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When I was little I was blessed with many influential people in my life, and they all taught me different things about life and what I wanted for myself. The only person who really stuck by my side the most and helped me till the day he no longer could was my grandfather. Till this day my grandfather, Michael Kiley, still holds a huge part of my life even though he is not here to help me when I need him the most. Many people still have him declared as The King of Pickwick Park. As for me he is not just my grandfather, king or my hero but my best friend, the one person I looked up to most in this world.

My grandfather was a very big, powerful and important man in my life. I called my grandfather Geep which was what all his very close friends and family referred to him as. Geep was a tall and big built guy that has many personalities. He was a social butterfly and always wanted to crack jokes and tell stories. He was a very intelligent man who did a lot of interesting things with his life. Geep was never one to boast about himself, family history, or the Irish, Notre Dame, until somebody made him angry. Which happen very certainly once a week during the fall, football season.

Notre Dame was like his child that he would never have, he lived and breathed Notre Dame and being Irish. He was a legend at Lake Wawasee, everywhere he went people knew who he was. Between being the commodore of the annual Flotilla or head of DNR, Geep was a very important man in Syracuse, IN. The stories he would tell us from any time in his life or anothers always changed depending on who was listening because he enjoyed adding on twists into everything to get a better reaction from people.

When I was a little girl my grandfather would always pick me up, have me stand on his feet and dance me around the living room at the lake. He would tell me, Someday youll be to grown up to do this but always remember that anywhere you go youll always be my little princess, who can dance with anybody. At first I thought he meant literally dance which was quiet hilarious. When I got older I realized the lesson that he taught me, that no matter where I am or who I am with I can always be a few steps ahead because I can keep up with anybody. Geep taught me you are as brilliant as you set your mind too. The stories Geep would tell me about his childhood in Marion and at the lake make me want to grow up in a small town but Fishers is not quiet small. As a young child Geep taught me a lot about life and myself that he knew I would always carry on with me.

My grandfather is a very special man in my life. Ive never felt like he would ever steer me in the wrong direction. The moments that Ive shared with him will last for a lifetime and I will cherish them forever. Parts of my life that Geep taught me that Im strong, intelligent and can be whatever I want are words that I will think of when I think of him. Hes a hero to me and a man that did incredible things that helped me believe everything I want from life will always come true if I set my mind to it.

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