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Published: 2019-12-23 03:50:50
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People around the world cannot live without communication. It is all activities that we do all day and start from we get up until we go to sleep. Communication is including speaking, reading, writing, or gestures. It can show what we want, or what we need, what peoples around us need. It can exchange information form one to another easier; it easy to understand. Communication plays important roles in society, business, education, and family¦.etc. I will show you point by point below and another thing that relate to communication. It really needs to comminute because it can help people and people understand each other feeling. How can we know if we didnt say anything to each other. We can share the sadness, or happiness and everything that keep in our mind with friends or family about that. For example, if you need money pay for school, you should ask your parents because they cannot read your mind. Sometime your friend or family can help you to give some money or good ideas.

It can help you to solve the problem too. Communication is important thing in society because it can help us to live with safety, happy and love from every body around us. Especially, our neighbor they are a part in our life in society. We cannot stay alone or only our family, we must to unity and exchange some problem with them. The person that rich look down the poor people may have in our villages, so if we have a good communication sometime we can change their mind of rich people to friendly with the poor people. No argument with people around us. For example, in khmer culture if someones family have funeral in village, a lot of people in village come to share the sadness from their funeral family. If the people dont have good communication or unfriendly, we must see dont have a lot people go to share the sadness.

Communication in our family is very important between parents and their children. If the parents dont have a good communication to children, it can affect to behavior their children. The parents will not know or understand what their children need and children dont know what their parents want them to do. But parents must to know what they want, dont give everything that they want. They can feel they a king they can have everything, a lot of money So nowadays, most of children are walking into way, having bad friends become gang, using drug and murderer. Communicate can have us to understand each other feeling and make our relationship will become closer and closer.

In business communication is also important point. All kind of business needs a customer or partners. If they dont have a good communication they cannot find a customers or partners, so their business will fail. For instant, the company will give a task to the staff sometime individual or team work so they will discuss with their term to find a good way or a right way to complete the tasks with a good result for their company. If the tasks needs to do presentation to show or explain about what they solve. Everybody feel comfortable for that task and management will have a good relationship with the staff. So to run a business all businessmen and staff should have good communication with each other. Furthermore, the seller in the market must to have a good communication. Sometime the seller talks a lot to make fun with their customer. So there customer feels close and they like to buy that place.

Communication is so important to both of teacher and student because both of teacher and student must to understand well with each another to get a real educate. Teacher will find a easy way to commute with student to make them understand, feel happy, and enjoy studying what they are teaching them. So all teacher should have a good communication with their all student to be success with their carries. Good communication can make student feel close with them, so the student dont afraid to ask some question that they misunderstand. If you dont have a good commute with student, they will feel afraid to ask any question and make them feel uncomfortable. So students education will not improved, poor quality education that cause students much difficult to find any jobs and cannot get salary when they graduated.

So communicate is really important to all people over the world that is truly correct because people cannot live alone, people have to live in societies, we live with each other, we need to help, to share with each other so we have to communicate to understand one another feeling, we can use any kind of communication such as talking, writing, or sign languages to make other know what we want. Although, communication is much important but it can be bad if we used it in bad ways, sometime someone will be hurt or angry with us when we try to communicate with them in a bad mood. So in order to avoid this problem, we should use our skill to show out effective communication with understandable other feeling that it will not cause someone feel upset or hurt because of us.

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