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In general, e-learning or electronic learning is computer- enhanced pedagogical learning. It is linked in advanced learning technology (ALT), which uses multimedia technologies and methodologies. Some of these technologies include ePortfolios, electronic performance support system, PDAs, MP3 Players with multimedia capabilities, web-based teaching materials, hypermedia in general, multimedia CD-ROMs, discussion boards, collaborative software, e-mail, blogs, computer aided assessment, educational animation, learning management software, and many more.

More and more people are adopting e-learning because of its flexibility, convenience, and only an access to internet can facilitate e-learning. One of the presentation programs, and run on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS computer operating systems, is the PowerPoint. To accentuate the characteristics of PowerPoint, it was revised, branded, and became a component of Microsoft office and known as Microsoft 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint during the launched of Microsoft 2003 up to now.

It has been done due to its widespread use as persuasion technology. Many businessmen, educators, students, and trainers use it. PowerPoint operates with the use of a slide projector through text, graphics, movies, and other objects viewed in individual slides. PowerPoint can manipulate the entrance, emphasis, and exit of every element in each slide, in modifiable and adjustable slide styles and templates. The command like, entering and editing new elements on each slide, together with its transition can be easily worked on.

The presenter is guided by the monitor of the computer, while the audience looks on the projection. The sequence of presentation also be arranged beforehand, and can work by clicking the mouse or other designated keys on the keyboards. Indeed, the use of the PowerPoint is very user-friendly. The ease of use of PowerPoint was supported by many mainly because it saves a lot of time to the user. Users will no longer use time-and-effort consuming visual aids like hand-drawn, use of blackboards and whiteboards, and overhead projectors.

As PowerPoint is becoming more sophisticated, its capability to support animation and multimedia provides the different needs and desires of presenter and audience. Moreover, the presence of an excellent PowerPoint which can converted to flash presentation, enables to ease the e-learning. PowerPoint not only guides the presenter, but also enlightens the audience. And due to interactive features in PowerPoint where flash insert, music insert, narration and the like are achievable, high-impact and high learning of information to the students due to its interactivity are attained by the educator.

In many studies, rich media works; the idea that the presenter has, are incorporated in multimedia PowerPoint presentation. In the cognitive perspective which mainly focuses on the cognitive processes involved in learning and the works of the brain, visual-aided learning helps the brain understand the topic because many details can be input in PowerPoint presentation. Multimedia and animation helps the brain gets to reality and goes beyond the usual understanding on texts on books or papers.

Hard hand-drawn tables and charts are aided by PowerPoint presentation with helpful sophisticated ones. The educator and the audience can always go back to previous charts and tables with few clicks. Topography and chart layout can be designed and set by the PowerPoint presentation to enhance positive learning of the brain, as well as the organization and sequencing are all at ease both to the presenter and the audience. Many argue that one disadvantage of e-learning is students suffer the social constructivist and emotional perspectives of learning.

Social constructivist approach deals mainly with the interaction of the students to other people in their surroundings like the educators and other students; where in e-learning thought by many are not possible. It has not understood by many, that students can interact with their on-line classmates and educators. Sweeney (2005) indicated that on-line students can always interact and get information with their educators and classmates, as well as reactions on the discussions and presentations undertaking during the class.

For Sweeney, it is the right thing to do as an on-line student to know something about them for many instances might possibly occur during the full course of the learning sessions. And because humans cannot be departed in contextual perspective where people are interacting with the environment and social aspects still, learning are still stimulated with this interaction. The students can interact with their perspectives on the discussion and presentations through discussion forums, blogs, wiki and on-line collaborative activities.

According to the survey conducted by Bersin & Associates in 2003, next to Dreamweaver which got 52% as the most-frequently used learning tool, is the PowerPoint presentation which got 48%. PowerPoint is helpful tool for storyboarding courseware because it can create sequence, layout, and main concern messages easily. And with the help of Breeze, an integrated system for rapidly creating and delivering Flash-based e-learning courses, PowerPoint presentation has an audio track, Flash playback, and a navigation panel.

With the aid of a microphone on the computer, PowerPoint presentation can incorporate audio track that are easily recorded. Next, access through the standard browser is aided by Flashback. Lastly, students can easily navigate the entire course automatically. Jones (2003) said that t by mixing PowerPoint presentations to other media; the educator is therefore creating different styles making more stimulants for learning. There are still many other advantageous features of PowerPoint presentation as learning tool.

One can be the direct printability features. The slides in PowerPoint presentation file can be printed in either slide or outline format. Another one is explained by Mottley (2003, Summer 2003), is the use of the speakers connected to the computer for e-learning; wherein the students can be assisted by the automated feedback system with the extra or hidden information. PowerPoint presentation file can be easily saved especially in compact disc or flash drive where storage capacity is large.

And, wherever and whenever the technology supports the program, PowerPoint can be automatically run without complicated commands.


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