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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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We all like fries from Mc Donald, I personally enjoy tasting chips from there each chance, but sometimes people really have no acknowledgement about the process behind. Eric Schlosser in Why Mc Donalds Fries Taste So Good essay reveals the secret behind the tasty fries from fast food chains and let readers know how the fries are actually made, He presents the argument that French fries and processed food has distinctive flavor. Nevertheless I am related to this because at every time that I process food in my mouth the particular taste of the food I can feel it nice o bad, in my opinion depends of preference from each person who prefer natural state of food or processed, that is the reason I am completely agree with the implicit idea that the Americans people are high consumers of fast processed food. Schlosser also includes interesting history, market supply, science and production of the fries in his investigative piece.

The fries from food chains has an extended history basically searching a genuine flavor in order to engage customers making sure the return of each one, Erics text began in the 1960s when food chains attempts the expansion over the country a lot changes were made such as low cost, faster service, mass production. Among those changes in mid 60s Mc Donalds began switching from peeled potatoes to frozen French fries, it is and easy way converge into a mass production ,but the workers staff became shorter, Eric said The taste of Mc Donalds french fries played a crucial role in the chains success-fries are more profitable than hamburgers-. He states that the genuine flavor of some fast food takes a fundamental role in the successful of goals in the food chains business. Schlosser also explains that taste of french fry is largely determined by the cooking oil, at this time the Mc Donalds used a mixture of 93% beef tallow and 7% cottonseed oil, and it gave a genuine flavors for decades, although today most people consider unhealthy that great fries, including me due to a lot of beef saturated fat that consist of triglycerides containing only saturated fatty acids which trigger some other associate diseases. In 90s Mc Donalds changed to pure vegetable oil and the problem was solved.

The processed food is a curious fact, they always have included additives trying to get similar flavor between natural and artificial Have you ever asked is the natural flavor is real after processing food? Eric said The canning, freezing, and dehydrating techniques used in processing destroy most of food flavor, I am in accordance with Eric, the statement obviously is true, but by manmade additives processed food take a new flavor better than real one, sometimes who taste the this food can not recognize the original flavor comparing with the new one. On the other hand most people could not agree with what Eric posed as statement in his Essay without this flavor and industry todays fast food would probably not exist. In my opinion fast food help us to save time because is faster, but sometimes unhealthy, nevertheless I enjoy todays flavor of fries from Mc Donalds meanwhile I am staying at lunch around university in study meeting, or when I am starving is also difficult stop at home to cooking, take a bite and return to workplace.

Actually, Mc Donalds is the largest buyer of potatoes across United States because of the high consumption all over the nation this is an instance as result of the distinctive taste of fries from the company The food chain industry maintain silent the secret of the flavors production, each one has investigations in order to improve it, and get unique characteristic, this essential for protecting the reputation of brands, I think that is correct because several professional investigators spent hours working hard enough to get better new formulas that will be applied on foods procedures, as result everyone enjoy the pleasure of the fast food from Mc Donalds, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Dominos pizzas, and several smaller restaurants where spend a good time while eating. Schlosser made an interesting essay about fast and processed food specifically fries from Mc Donalds, the description is very interesting coming across the history of the chain food in The United State of America; actually I really appreciate what he did related to fast food investigation writing and exposure to the readers the characteristic of processed food, in fact several people dont really care about food process or new flavor formulas they only want to get satisfice themselves with fast food provided from the respective chains, nevertheless In my opinion I will always enjoy fast food as well as most people specially chips and hamburger from Mc Donalds or another food chain.

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