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Published: 2019-12-29 16:41:37
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As the world becomes more of a global village people have it has enhanced the mobility of people from one place to another more efficiently than it used to happen in the past. This has many sectors to experience great change. One of the sector that has undergone a lot of revolution as a result of globalization is education. This is because it is possible for people to different parts of the world to study. Students from different continents are now in place to study in any country of their choice depending on the kind of education they want to receive.

One of the countries that have attracted many students from different parts of the world is Australia. There are many international students who have got access to education in Australia. This paper looks at factors that have necessitated many overseas students to come to study in Australia. The three main reasons, which make people to move to Australia to undertake their studies, include the quality of education in Australia, which is high and recognized by many countries.

The other factor, which has great influence, is the lifestyle in Australia and the proximity to the country. First, the quality of education in Australia is of high standard. The degrees and diploma that students obtain from Australia are recognized by their home countries as credible. This has made many international students try to find ways to enter Australian colleges and universities in order to achieve better education. By acquiring education in Australia, the students have high possibilities of attaining better jobs in Australia and in their home countries.

The reason as to why the education in Australia is of high quality is because most of the Australian institutions have qualified professional and qualified tutors and also those who are trusted to provide quality education. (Ong, 2009 pg 21-24). Therefore, internationals students attain more academic achievements and a life tome experience. The experience they get from Australia makes them develop maturity, independence and have a better understanding of other cultures. The education offered in Australia prepares the students to be bale to work in todays global market that is very competitive.

Many international organizations prefer to employ students who have Australian qualifications because they understand that Australian universities give them more maturity and independence. Australian institutions help students to develop analytical and critical thinking skills to students. This is because students are encouraged to undertake their own personal studies. There is also supplementation of classroom studies with personal studies in library and encouragement of group work, which helps students develop teamwork skills.

Many international students also move to Australia to acquire education is the fact that lifestyle in Australia is much interesting and cheaper as compared to lifestyle in other countries. The country gas conducive environment in which students are able to undertake education more safely. The way the environment in Australia is maintained, for example, air, land and water makes it possible for many students to enjoy living in the country. The local people in Australia are also very friendly and welcoming to foreigners.

This act as an encouragement to many international students to have the desire to study in the country because of the kind of treatment that they receive in the country. There are no discrimination whatsoever that exist in the universities in regard to ethnic background or race. All students are treated the same even in examinations and are graded in the same way with the local students. This also acts as a factor, which makes students to work harder, and strive to excel because the universities offers fare competition.

Australia is also known to be a very safe place for living despite of some few cases of murder and manslaughter, which occurs rarely. This makes many international students get encouragement to study there because security is one of the factors that people consider before settling in another country. International students who study in Australia gain their education and experience in an environment that is friendly and at an affordable cost. Students are given comprehensive information when they join the universities so that they are able to make the right choice of the courses to undertake (Ong, 2009 pg 21-24).

Australian institutions have an international focus in the way they program and plan their activities and courses. They have programs in which they exchange staff from different institutions and universities from all over the world. Students have the opportunities to participate in international forums and to engage in partnership with other students from other institutions. Many of the institutions also have international resource centers where students carry out their research.

There are also developed modern technology and vocational training systems with industrial basis. There are also many institutions, which teach subjects such as English, which make international students prepared for their university study in Australian schools (Ong, 2009 pg 21-24). This is one of the advantages in Australia because many other countries do not have such programs. This makes international students in those countries to feel uncomfortable before they adapt to live in their new countries.

Therefore, as can be seen from the paper Australian institutions have many things, which make international students like to study there. There are many more things that the government is doing to attract more overseas students to study in the country. The government is increasing the institutions and introducing other courses that are relevant to international students. With these trends, the country would continue to receive more overseas students. References Ong, D. (2009) The International Students Handbook: Living and Studying in Australia, Sydney, UNSW Press pg 21-24.

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